Arnica Muscle Rub & Pain Relief Salve

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Crafted with certified organic extra virgin olive oil infused with certified organic or wildcrafted* arnica flowers—along with the addition of certified organic menthol crystals and essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor, and clove, this incredible salve is the perfect follow-up to a good work out, and an amazing foundation for the perfect massage! Arnica is known for reducing discoloration from bruising, treating muscle soreness (professional athletes love arnica!) and providing temporary relief from pain. Arnica is also great for sprains, soreness, and swelling and for the relief of arthritis, muscle, and joint pain.

If you're struggling with tight or sore muscles, this is a great salve to help relieve and release strain and tension. You can massage it into any injured area with unbroken skin.

Because of the addition of menthol crystals and the specific blend of essential oils, this salve also makes a terrific chest rub to alleviate the discomfort of congestion. It leaves a soothing, cooling sensation on the skin that penetrates into the tissues comfortingly. (Use sparingly and with caution on children under 2 and do not use on broken skin.)

Ingredients: certified organic extra virgin olive oil infused with certified organic or wildcrafted* arnica flowers, certified organic menthol crystals, certified organic unrefined beeswax, and essential oils of camphor, certified organic eucalyptus, clove bud, and certified organic peppermint.

*Arnica (specifically Arnica montana) is an ingredient that is becoming harder to source. Our process is that we first look for the certified organic version, but if we can't find organic arnica flowers we will look for wildcrafted arnica (Arnica montana). These are flowers which are found in their natural environment and are often valued for their potentially higher potency. They grow in their natural habitats and adapt to environmental stressors, which may result in more robust medicinal properties.

Try our best selling Organic Herbal Salve, a multi-purpose salve you will turn to again and again for so many applications!

Please note that this product is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.