The AVNS Blog is On The Move!

by Eleanor Jahns-Roerick

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are doing well and are staying healthy.

In the midst of this unexpected time of isolation, staying connected with the people you care about is extremely important. At AVNS we continually want to deepen our connection with you, which is why we’ve decided to move our blog (don’t worry, it’s not physically moving anywhere)!

I love blogging for AVNS, but it’s clear that the conversation’s been a bit one-sided without a comment section and we want to change that. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be working with Marianne to move the blog to a more extensive platform, one that enables comments and allows all you wonderful thinkers to share your thoughts!

We could not be more excited for this upcoming renovation and in order to get everything set up as quickly as possible there will be a small writing hiatus until Easter. We appreciate your patience during this process and promise that the blog will return better than ever!