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(Available Friday Nov 25th - Monday Nov 28th)

CBD & Hemp Oil Products

Hemp oil and CBD products are known to have many benefits for both hair and body. We have created shampoo bars that will help improve hair health, and selected all natural products with full spectrum yet TCH free CBD, which will tackle everything from everyday aches and pains, to helping alleviate intense pain from muscle/joint issues.

Our highly effective line of Cannabidiol products are 3rd party tested for Purity, Potency & Efficacy and produced from USDA Certified Organic Hemp plants. 

From our supplier "While much of the cannabis industry continues to cut corners and produce a lower quality product in order to increase profits - our family farms implement sustainable growing practices, superior genetics and ethical processing to produce a product you can stand behind."
The hemp seeds are planted in mineral-rich soil, without pesticides, herbicides or other toxins to product a high quality, effective Cannabidiol.
For those who have been purchasing the AVNS brand of CBD products and loved them, Pure Spectrum is our supplier. By now providing Pure Spectrum products in our store, we can provide a wider variety of fantastic THC FREE products at a great price, along with the brand recognition of an amazing company.