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Made specifically for AVNS and our Castile Liquid Soap, these beautifully hand crafted, wheel thrown ceramic soap pumps are a wonderful addition to any bathroom or kitchen. This current batch for sale are a little darker than shown in the photos, they are more of a light beige/sand in color with white overtones.

Made for AVNS by 5 Elements Clayworks in Florida, "each piece is hand crafted and therefore no 2 are ever identical. Even similar forms and same glaze combos used can yield different results based on the kiln atmosphere or clay batch used, so you can always look forward to a unique piece. While it is not intended for food use, all glazes** are food safe and non-toxic." These artfully designed, eco-friendly soap pumps are finished with a beautiful white glaze which is enhanced by subtle black specks. We have chosen to complete the pump with a classic and timeless stainless steel pump mechanism.

Each soap pump varies slightly in height, but measure approximately 8" in height to the top of the pump, and 3" in diameter & 10" circumference at widest point.

**Some more info about the glazes from the potter, Virginia Franceschi:

"My glazes are personal recipes that either I personally developed over the years or had a hand in developing in ceramics studios. The very few commercial glazes that I use are from an American based company (Potters Choice by Amaco and Mayco. Both are companies that provide safety data sheets for each individual glaze they sell) and they do not use lead in their glazes. This (that there is lead in the glaze even when the company states it's not in there) is a common misconception that dates back to ceramics from Mexico and other countries that have a long history of lead based glazes, but here in the United States it is very heavily regulated and it is mandatory to disclose such things....I research every product I use. If I think in any way it will be toxic in any way lead or not, I opt out of using it entirely....The truth of the matter is that lead in and of itself is harmless in pottery if it is fired to maturity. It is usually lead in earthenware which is low fired clay that often leaches into food. If the glaze and claybody are fired to full maturity, any and all components are sealed into the piece and removes the threat of leaching."

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