Hair Rinse - Naturally Scented Spray

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These beautiful sprays have the same pH value as apple cider vinegar - without the vinegar smell. In fact, we've come up with four mesmerizing scents made with therapeutic grade essential oils to tantalize the most discriminating nostrils. We've also added aloe vera to soothe and condition your scalp. Find out how and why you need an acid hair rinse in our article, How to Use a Shampoo Bar.

Lavender Mint - a sparkling blend of French lavender, organic rosemary, organic peppermint, organic tea tree, and clary sage essential oils, along with the ingredients as listed below.

Bay Lime - a tart and sweet (crazy good) blend of lime and bay essential oils, along with the ingredients as listed below.

Jasmine Rose - soft, beautiful scents from a ethereal bouquet of jasmine petals blended with green aloe water, beach rose and lilac from a plant based natural fragrance*, along with the ingredients as listed below.

Bergamot Orange - a rich citrus blend of bergamot (Bergaptene free), orange, and tangerine essential oils, along with the ingredients as listed below.

Ingredients: distilled water, aloe vera, essential oils (or natural fragrance*), citric acid, plantaSol CCG**, ascorbic acid.

For more information about our rinses and ingredients, read more HERE.

To Use: After washing your hair with one of your favorite shampoo bars, simply spritz all over damp hair and scalp. Rinse. Use once per week or as needed for soft, shiny hair.
**Please be aware that we are phasing out selling our rinses in these bottles. You will still be able to purchase our fabulous rinses in our glass Hair Rinse Concentrate bottles and then purchase one of these sprayers for application, or one of our other applicator bottles for ease of use.**

This product comes in an 8 oz. bottle with a trigger sprayer that must be unlocked before you can dispense the product. There is a little tab/button right under the sprayer, just above the part of the sprayer head which screws onto the actual bottle that needs to be pushed in. This will unlock the sprayer mechanism. Using this locking mechanism makes taking your hair rinse with you when traveling easy and hassle free, as you don't need to worry about leakage.

20 ml samples packaged in a frosted mini-sprayer (perfect for traveling!) are now available for $3.45 each! Try them all!

* Made from essential oils & botanical aromatic isolates, certified synthetic free.

** We use PlantaSol CCG (INCI Name: Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside) in these hair rinses. We want to provide our customers ease in using our products while also staying as natural as possible, so we will continue to look for improvements to ingredients that bring us closer to that goal. We use PlantaSol CCG because it is only rated as a 1 on the Skin Deep database. It is Ecocert approved and is a vegetable-derived solubilizer.