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Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars are a great place to start if you want one bar to cover many purposes.
Do you struggle with oily hair? Have frustration over an itchy scalp? How about grey hair and would love a nourishing, gentle shampoo? Or do you simply want to ditch the plastic and have healthy hair that shines?
Find out what it means to fall in love with using a shampoo bar for all your needs; hair, body, face and hands! One bar full of natural ingredients can be all you need! 
Formulated to make even more lather than our Body Soap Bars, our shampoo soap bars will rinse clean with little or no residue as long as you are washing your hair with softened water. Our natural sulfate-free Shampoo bars will not work on hair when water is hard. Find out how to use a shampoo bar HERE.
For further information, here's 5 things you should know before using a natural soap or shampoo bar!
Get Shampoo Bar Samples and Shampoo Bar Sample Packs HERE