Wild North Shampoo Bar Seconds

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Relegated to the seconds category because unfortunately some bars have developed DOS. DOS happens every once in a while and means an ingredient in the mix is going rancid, but the soap is still safe to use. The appearance of DOS can range from a light orange to a deep rust color and soap with dreaded orange spots is safe to use, but it is a cosmetic issue. Because this soap is imperfect, we've reduced the price. Enjoy a great bar at a reduced price!

Shiver me timbers. I just love a hike in quiet, winter woods. A five minute hike is perfect for me, and then I go inside for cookies and coffee. Maybe that's why I adore this bar so much. It reminds me of Minnesota - and snow and woods. And that brings us back to cookies. See where this is going? When you use this shampoo bar, there will be cookies and coffee waiting for you when you get out of the shower. Better put one of these bad boys in your shopping cart PRONTO.

This shampoo bar works best for people with straight hair and/or oily scalp and skin.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut, organic sustainable palm, organic olive, castor bean, grapeseed, and organic jojoba, rosemary oil extract, and essential oils of lime, scotch pine, fir needle, cedarwood, and sweet birch.

All of our Shampoo, Body and Facial full sized bars are 5oz in weight, with dimensions of 2.75H x 3.4W x 1D.

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