Minted Rose is Back!


My first version of Minted Rose had a layered look. It was all pink roses on the bottom with a layer of cool blue on top. I liked it, but I wanted to try a swirled look this time. The soap started setting up on me while I was pouring, so it didn't quite end up looking the way I dreamed. It's more of a rustic looking bar. Chunks of blue blotching a pink landscape in an awkward way. But soap is like that. No two batches are ever exactly the same, and there's a beauty in it. 

I say this one is feminine AND sporty because it is. The rose isn't your Grandma's rose. It's a crisp, edgy rose with that bright, expectant mint lacing it with adventure. Who says feminine is just pink? I say there's a blue in every woman. Try it, and you'll see what I mean.

What's Better Than Success?

USING GOOD SOAP, OF COURSE!I just wanted to say thank you! I had been searching high and low for a shampoo bar to replace the brand I used to buy. I'm slightly allergic to different soaps and I suddenly was having serious reactions to the bar I'd been using for a long time. Late at [...]

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