Help! Natural Deodorant Gives Me a Rash!


One of the most effective ingredients in our all natural deodorant is aluminum free baking soda. The problem is, baking soda is alkaline, and while most skin adjusts its own pH within 30 minutes, some skin types struggle with this adjustment over time. That's why some folks don't have any problem wearing this type of deodorant and some do. Even though we put less baking soda in our deodorant than most similar products on the market, if your skin has pH issues, you may still suffer with a rash.

Did you know there's an easy fix? 

You can help your skin out by patting something acidic on your pits before applying the deodorant! Apple cider vinegar is a great choice. We have an organic, herbal infused ACV rinse in a spray bottle you can easily spritz on your pits after washing them in the shower. We also have some deliciously scented Citric Acid rinses that will do the same job! If you are already using one of these products in conjunction with our shampoo bars, then you're all set. 

Everyone's skin is different. I've noticed that I need to spray some type of acidic rinse (my favorite is the Orange Bergamot rinse) on my pits about once every two weeks in order to keep my pits rash-free. Some of you will never need to use an acid rinse, and some will need to use it every day. The results are worth it! Our deodorant is a safe and effective option for staying odor free all day. And thanks to your awesome suggestions, we are coming out with four new all natural scents this fall: Man 2.0, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Stay tuned for more details!

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