Ambassador/Affiliate Program

Apple Valley Natural Soap's Ambassador/Affiliate Program is an opportunity for you to promote organic, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free, non-toxic products to your audience and earn commissions on generated sales. 

What is an Ambassador or Affiliate Program and is it right for me?

* If you are active with social media, have a web site or blog, you can post links to AVNS and promote our products.

* Every time someone clicks on that link and purchases something, you earn a commission on that sale.

* Track every sale through your own dashboard.


What are the benefits?

* You’ll earn commission starting at 6% on all Apple Valley Natural Soap sales generated through your links.

* We offer competitive tiered commissions on all sales with a 365 day tracking period to our affiliates.

* You'll also have access to special offers and exclusive discounts to pass along to your audience.

How It Works:

* Sign up via the program link below.

Add banners and shopping links to your blog, website or social media.

Link to a specific product or page and spread the news.

* Get paid (YAY!)

(If you have already registered with us as an affiliate,
you can use the REGISTER button above to log in to your account.)



If there has been no traffic/unique visitors to Apple Valley Natural Soap through your affiliate link for 12 consecutive months, your account will be deactivated. You are welcome however to sign up again and create another affiliate link to try other avenues of promotion.

* Apple Valley Natural Soap reserves the right to discontinue the relationship with any affiliate once all commissions have been paid to that affiliate, just as any affiliate may contact Apple Valley Natural Soap to terminate the relationship at any time.