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Body Soap Bars

Our Body Soap Bars are the most moisturizing of all our soaps due to a higher fat content that has not been saponified, this makes them even more moisturizing and especially great for dry skin. Get a Body & Facial Soap Bar Sample Pack HERE. 
Are you looking for multi-purpose bar (hair and body)? Grab a Shampoo Bar! 
"I couldn't pick just one item as a favorite! Everything I have tried, I have loved!! I keep my stash of soaps in a sealed box, and when I need to pick a new bar to use, the magic aromas of the bars makes me smile ! Living in Minnesota, and dealing with the cold, dry winters, it is fabulous to be able to drench myself in their luxurious moisturizers! Love, love, love!!!"  Lisa L.
Have you ever wondered if you can use a Body Soap on your hair? Check out this article to see what may happen if you do!