Do you or someone you know have delicate or sensitive skin?
For anyone who has sensitive skin, whether baby, teen or adult, these bars are a great place to start.
Are you looking for further information and product suggestions for sensitive skin?
You may find this article on our blog very helpful!

  • Castile Body Soap - Calendula Bar by Apple Valley Natural Soap Body Soap - Calendula Castile Bar by Apple Valley Natural Soap

    Calendula Castile Bar (Unscented)



    Our unscented Calendula Castile bar, using 100% organic virgin olive oil, deeply penetrates the skin, moisturizing and nourishing while cleansing. A true Castile soap is the most gentle and mild of soaps, safe even for babies and those with...

  • Organic Coconut Soap -  Unscented by Apple Valley Natural Soap Organic Coconut Bars by Apple Valley Natural Soap

    Unscented Organic Coconut Soap



    Enjoy our hard, long-lasting, super sudsy, uber moisturizing organic coconut oil body bars made with 100% organic coconut oil and nothing else. If you've never tried one of these—well, you haven't really lived. Unscented Coconut- the simplest,...

  • Lavender Castile Bar - Apple Valley Natural Soap

    Lavender Castile Soap Bar



    Relaxing & dreamy. A 100% organic olive oil soap, a true Castile soap, beautifully scented with lavender essential oil. Olive Oil is high in oleic acid, a good skin cell regenerator and attracts external moisture to the skin. A true Castile soap...

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    Organic Coconut Bars by Apple Valley Natural Soap Organic Coconut Bars by Apple Valley Natural Soap

    SECONDS Unscented Organic Coconut Soap

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    Every once in a while something strange happens with a batch of soap and we don't know why. If after reviewing many questions about the processing of the soap we don't find anything wrong with it, other than it is not they way we want it, we discount it...