Lavender Castile Soap Bar

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Relaxing & dreamy. A 100% organic olive oil soap, a true Castile soap, beautifully scented with lavender essential oil. Olive Oil is high in oleic acid, a good skin cell regenerator and attracts external moisture to the skin. A true Castile soap is the most gentle and mild of soaps, safe even for babies and those with ultra-delicate skin. You will not get a bubbly lather from a Castile soap bar, but rather a rich, thick, creamy highly emollient lather that is perfect for shaving. True Castile soaps made with only olive oil are a gentle and effective option for even the most sensitive of skin.

**You may have noticed a small price increase on all our Castile soaps, both liquid and bar soap. This unfortunately is due to an almost 100% increase in cost of Organic Olive Oil since this time last year. Olive Oil is the main ingredient in all our Castile soaps, so as you can imagine we've taken quite the hit over the past year as prices have gone up. We hope this is a temporary price increase, and as soon as Organic Olive Oil returns once again to a more reasonable cost, we'll in turn be able to drop our prices. Thank you for understanding and for your support.

All of our Shampoo, Body and Facial full sized bars are 5oz in weight, with dimensions of 2.75H x 3.4W x 1D.

You can purchase samples of this bar HERE.

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