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I have been a customer for several years now, but in the past few months have only purchased Calendula Castile Bar (Unscented). Here's why: In late August I tripped over one of our little dogs and scraped a small area of skin backward from the surface. The doctors glued it back and it healed, but I knew I would need the most pure cleanser I could find to use while it finished. I had seen the Calendula Castile Bar (Unscented) in the past and took the plunge.  I have been using it since I received it just after Labor Day. My skin is completely healed and the small scar is barely noticeable. I believe it is the soap more than anything that made my recovery turn out so well. Thank you for such a lovely and beneficial product.


I spent years and years with "bad skin" breaking out and scarring because of acne. I spent thousands on dermatology and cremes and potions and nothing worked.  I started avoiding parabens per an article that I read somewhere online and it helped a bit but, not until about a month after using your acne battle soap, toner and argan oil did I start to see that my skin was clearing up and becoming like it was in my teens! I get complements on my skin now and despite the scarring which seems to lessen every day, I have clear skin! I am 41 years old and am a believer in your products!  Thank you so much!


"I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I love your company. My girlfriend and I are huge fans and spent almost an hour the other night going through the website looking at all of your products! Your customer service, personability, and your website are great! We are so impressed and - even as college kids - are going to continue being loyal customers! Thank you!!!!"


"I don't know where to start first, but I know I want to say THANK YOU before anything else! Long story short, last summer I completely revamped my skincare regimen: from damaging my skin with Clearasil and Proactiv, to now using jojoba and essential oils. After a few months of seeing a complete skin 180 (who would have thought putting oil on my oily face would result in beautiful skin!?), I diligently thought of other natural changes I could make to my beauty regimen. My hair... I could try and find a natural alternative to using bottled shampoo. Nope. No way. My hair gets too greasy. I need the don't-know-how-to-pronounce shampoo ingredients! But then, while perusing Pinterest, I found a pin about shampoo bars. Upon saving the pin, I followed through to the website: Apple Valley Natural Soaps. (Yes, I had the, "Oh, hey, that's cool. There's an Apple Valley here in MN" moment... Later finding out, AVNS is totally IN Apple Valley, MN!) I checked out the website and felt like a kid in a candy store. So many shampoo and body bars! So many scents! So many natural, safe ingredients! So many positive comments! What a great site! And so, I dove right on in. As advised, I viewed the material on transitioning to shampoo bars, how to use shampoo bars, and the suggested shampoo/soap bars for hair type, results, etc. That same day, I purchased a few sample bars, along with a full-sized coconut milk and citrus shampoo bar (good for blonde hair). Within just a few days, my order arrived and I was a little nervous, but so ready to try it out! My hair felt stringy and heavy after the first few washes (which I knew was to be expected) and I wanted to switch back, but I was determined to make it through the transition from bottled shampoo to the shampoo bar. My determination paid off: I LOVE WHAT THESE SHAMPOO BARS DO TO MY HAIR! I have natural volume, my hair behaves, my scalp isn't flaky - it's nourished, and I can go three days without a wash (no dry shampoo needed!) and my hair stays grease-free. I was and continue to be hooked. I've purchased more bars, a whipped body butter, the jojoba oil, and sample sizes of various soaps. All of which have given me great results with use.

Natalie, these products you have created are not only game changers in the natural beauty world, they are life changers. I'm not spending ridiculous amounts of money on expensive "sulfate free, but equally as drying" shampoos, therefore it's been a cost-saving measure for me. I'm also almost "synthetic free" with my entire beauty routine, courtesy of your products (and I can't even remotely begin to explain how amazing that feels!). I have shared with many people my discovery of AVNS and the wonderful outcomes of using your products.

Thank you for your time, dedication, and effort in creating such magnificent products, Natalie!

A new life-long customer,


Since I had never used a coconut body bar before I wasn't sure if I'd like it so I decided to take the safe route and purchased two sample sizes of the Organic Coconut bars (wildflowers and spearmint). After one week I completely regret taking the "safe" route! Never again with these bars! My new mantra: GO BIG OR GO HOME, people! They are DIVINE in every sense of the word! The lather is luxurious, the scent is just enough but not too much, and my skin felt gently moisturized and soft after my hard water shower! I am in love. In fact, I am back on this website to order full sizes for myself as well as a couple as gifts.

I also purchased the soap mat and it works great. Keeps the soap bars from getting mushy. And lastly, the owner of the shop included a couple of samples with my purchase... a facial bar and a scented body oil. The night I picked up my order, I used a little dab of the body oil on my arms before going to bed and all I can say is that falling asleep with the warm, velvety scent was blissful in every possible way.

Thank you for making such lovely, good-for-your-body products! I'm hooked!

(And, I didn't realize until reading your Contact Us page that you donate 10% of your profits to a few select charities/ministries. I worked at a different pregnancy care center for several years so your on-going donation to Amnion is close to my heart and compels me even more to purchase your product. Thank you!)


I love your soaps! I've been experimenting with several different companies shampoo bars/soaps and I'll have to say every single one of those other companies' soaps dried my hair and flaked my skin. But not yours. It baffles me because the ingredients are so similar. I even tried going back to the ones that dried my hair and skin out, thinking that maybe it was a fluke. It was not. After a week, I had to start using your products again to fix the damage. I don't know what you guys do to make your shampoo/soaps so good and different from the other companies, but I'm glad to have discovered them. I really love the intoxicating aroma of your Rhassoul avocado shampoo bar. Today after I shampooed my hair with it, I thought I would use it on my body too because it smelled so good! I also love your coconut body bars. They lather so well and feel wonderful. I've been using the calendula castile bar for my face and I am really liking the results. It's great for my mature skin. Thanks again for such fantastic products. Keep up the good work!


I used the coconut-citrus & peppermint tea tree shampoo bars and they smell absolutely amazing. My skin and my senses fell so refreshed and awakened. I love that it's a two-in-one bar that actually does a good job on both ends. My hair has never felt healthier or fuller. I will definitely using this product from now on! Can't wait to try the vinegar hair rinse I recently ordered. :) Also used the dry shampoo, rosemary-mint, smells and works great! Never had a problem with it showing up too white in my hair. Great Products!

Brandi D.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new soaps! So glad I discovered your site. Was very shocked to find my goodies waiting for me this afternoon. Prompt service and easy to navigate web site. Thank you.


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the hard work you do. I am a mother to 5 beautiful children ages 4-9...they all inherited their fathers skin...very very bad the point of bleeding. I received a soap bar from a friend last month. All I can saw is wow! Even my husband who has battled it for 40 years has no signs or symptoms!! I am amazed!! I had to use a special detergent and rinse 3 times and yes I am being serious. You can not begin to understand what a gift you have given be and my family! Thank you! I just put my first two orders in, I am very excited to try them all!


I just want to say thank you for your fast shipment.  I was excited to have received my package.  I used one of your soaps and I must say I am impressed.  I am really considering eliminating shampoos altogether from my hair regimen.  Thanks to your awsome soaps I will be able to do that.  Thank you for such quality products.

Just an update on how much I LOVE the virgin, organic coconut oil soap I recently purchased. I had a routine medical procedure last week that involved inserting an IV in the back of my hand. After it was removed and I got home, I went straight for the soap. It is so moisturizing and soothing. Many thanks for a wonderful product.


"Wow. I don't know whether to be mad at you or happy with you. :) I have a new "addiction". The Whipped Body Butter Vanilla Tangerine is AMAZING. Overall, I am not a big lotion person - I have not ever needed it much until recent years (probably due to getting older). I used it last night on my hands - I couldn't stop smelling them. The smell is out of this world delicious - this perfect blend of chocolate, vanilla and citrus all wrapped together in one tub of yumminess. AND, the texture was the best part. One reason I don't use lotions is I hate feeling sticky or slimey or wet after. This soaked right in and left ZERO residue and left my hands so soft. I used it after my shower this morning (hands, feet, knees and elbows) mainly to be able to smell delicious again.....once again, loved how it soaked right in.....If I bring one of Steve's five gallon Home Depot buckets to you will you fill it with the body butter :) I think this might be the first winter ever where I regularly use lotion after a bath/shower because of the scent and the "soak in-ability" of it!!!!"


I just wanted to say I received my shipment of soap and they smell amazing! I couldn't decide which ones to use so I put about 5 sample bars in the shower. My husband was quite amused but admitted that they made the bathroom smell great. Thanks for making such wonderful and all natural soaps. Our home has been "chemical free" for about two years now and these are the best soaps I've tried yet! Thank you again!


I tried to quit you; I know you didn't know/notice, but I did. See, I am not great about planning ahead, so when I had run out of Acne Battle Bar and saw handmade/all natural soap in the Target, not three miles from my house, I bought it; God help me I bought it! Fast forward two months and my face is broken out and the skin on my body is dry. I just got my box full of Acne Battle Bars yesterday and have used it twice. My face felt so incredible this morning, I showered with the bar. Moral of the story: I guess some people have to lose something to know how really great it is. Thank you!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE ♥ LOVE the Grey Hair Shampoo bar. My hair is so soft and silky, I noticed a difference in the shower and even more so once it was dry. My husband thought I had gotten a hair cut AND he said it looked really nice. Thanks so much for making such a great product."


I love your soaps (I've tried several!) but I REALLY LOVE the jojoba oil. For over a year it has been the only product that I use on my face. I never have a problem with oily or dry skin. The jojoba oil feels so good!


Congratulations on your new baby boy. He is so cute! I wanted to let you know that my family and I really love all the products we have tried so far. Your shampoo & body bars smell heavenly and are so luxurious. The facial serum, lip balm, and jojoba oil are top quality. It's such a blessing to be able to buy natural/organic products from and know that we are not being exposed to any dangerous chemicals or artificial ingredients. I look forward to trying more of your great products. Keep up the good work!! God bless you.


I got the body lotion bar for Christmas this past year and I LOVE IT! I have eczema and usually get it really bad all over my body in the winter. I have never been able to find a lotion that can take care of or prevent my eczema but ever since I started using the body lotion bar, I haven't had any break outs! The lotion also has made the bumps on the back of my arms completely disappear! I will be ordering many more as gifts and of course for myself, thank you! P.s. I also LOVE your body soaps, I only have a sample of one but I'm excited to try more.

-Emily H.


I just have to tell you that your Organic Argon Oil was a real healer for me this last week. I had my hip replaced on the 16th. The Dr. put me on a new blood thinner, and I ended up with hives from the top of my head to the tops of my allergic reaction. I was miserable! (I had started using the oil when I got home from the hospital because it came in the mail while I was there) After the Dr. changed my medication, I continued using the Argon oil on my face and head and the itchies and redness were gone within a day. (The rest of my body took another day or two to clear up.) I continue to use it on my face and head daily and I love the feel. I am so glad I had the forsight to order the oil and some soap before I went to the hosp. i will continue to use the oil and the different soaps. I now want to get the rest of the family using your soaps. Thank you so much! No Longer Itchy...



I came home from work yesterday and I saw that my order had arrived! I was so excited because I have never used a shampoo bar and I was intrigued. Needless to say I used it last night whether I needed to wash my hair or not. I know there will be a transition time from using other products to using the bar, but as my hair was drying, I noticed that it looked a lot fuller. It could by my imagination, though. I bought the Simply Shea (I believe that is the name of it). If this really works for my hair, I think the next one I'll buy is for the brunettes. Thanks for your products!

-Katie D.


Thank you so much!! What quick delivery, beautiful packaging and AMAZING soap. We have 7 children in our house and we have had such fun deciding where different scents are going to go in our house for smell and function! We look forward to ordering more from you for years to come. Blessings to you all...



Wow! Natalie, the new Citrus Body Polish is amazing! I am a huge fan of the brown sugar scrub, and thought I'd give the new variety a try. I am not exaggerating when I say that the citrus scent personifies the concept of 'aroma therapy'. The bright, fruity smell is so invigorating, it just makes you feel so good! And the product, with it's exfoliating properties and moisturizing essential oils, leaves my skin silky smooth--no need to apply body lotion. Thank you so much for another magnificent, luxurious, and affordable product. AVNS rocks!



I just got my order of samples from you today and tried the Lavender and Chamomile on my baby twins. I love the smell and how easy it washes off. I'm so excited to try the rest of these and will be ordering the full bars once I'm out. Thank you for the extra samples, I had been considering them for purchase as well.



My husband is so excited about your soap! He had a rash off and on for over a year. He tried several cremes, but nothing worked. Since he started using your soap, the rash is gone! Thanks so much!



My 23 year old son has had dry skin problems since he was a young boy, and has always needed to use medicated shampoos for his scalp. Last week as I was giving him a haircut, I happened to notice how clear his scalp was, and remarked to him about it. He reminded me that I had given him one of your Man bars about 6 weeks ago, and said he's been using it as his only shampoo ever since. It is absolutely amazing that there wasn't so much as a single dry skin flake on his scalp, and he is so thrilled to finally have that problem under control for the first time in his life. Thanks so much for a great product!!



I received my first order of soap from you yesterday and can't wait to try it! I'm trying to use up what I have in use now so as not to waste, but I'm not sure I can resist the temptation ;) The Tropical Tangerine smells particularly divine... just as I was hoping it would. Thank you for including the sample of the Man bar. I actually like it(yes, I'm surprised!) because it smells manly, but not too musky or woodsy- my usual complaint with "man" scents. I'm sending it with my husband tomorrow as he travels for work and requested travel shampoo and soap- perfect timing!!



I received my soap and soap tray today and was so excited to open the package. I ordered on Sunday and got my order on Tuesday. Thank you for the fast service! This is my second order from you and I was not disappointed. My shampoo and body bars smell fantastic (and I am a very picky sniffer). I have super sensitive skin and this soap is one of the few things that doesn't irritate it. I even made a convert of my skeptical husband and he is now using the Man Bar 2.0. Thank you for making great products as great prices. I will definitely be ordering again when I run out!



First I must say that I once again am blown away by your soaps! My son was recently diagnosed with Eczema on his hands. Every winter his hands look horrible, they are super dry and crack and get real sore. We thought a humidifier was the answer. It helps but not completely. I recently pulled the soap from the bathrooms. I ran out of your soaps and was using a basic pump soap until I was ready to order more. I switched to the Cocoa Butter and Vanilla bar in one bathroom and the Calendula Castile in another and within two days his hands are almost completely normal! Thanks for making such great products!!



Today I got my order of samples that I placed just a few days ago. Great service! This afternoon I used the Herbal Emu Shampoo and Body Soap. WOW! My hair! I cannot believe how silky it feels. My hair is blonde/brown and going gray, thick, about shoulder length with lots of natural body. Normally in hot weather is is just horrible to control. Today I just finger combed it and let the natural curl do what it always wants to do. I am so happy to see that it does not look frizzy nor wild like it usually does. And like I said at the beginning of this letter, it feels so silky! I found out about you via my daughter. Thank you for a great product. I cannot wait to try the other samples that I purchased so I will know which ones I want to have in my bathroom and with me when I travel. Thank you!



Wow. Just WOW! First off I can't believe how fast we received our order, amazing!!! We bought a number of samples of body/hair bars and this morning gave it a try. We tried the Man 2.0 and Bella Rose. We both have long hair and I was surprised how easy it was to brush out the tangles. I thought at first that the soap had "gummed up" our hair but brush just glided through. I think my skin is not as dry as it normally is. We will be placing an order for regular sized bars, great products, great price.



Hello there! We recently celebrated Fourth of July with our neighbors, as we always do. I brought out my Apple Valley Bug Repellent and shared it with everyone as dusk set in. Guess what?? The stuff WORKS! I haven't talked to everyone yet, but at least three of us had NO mosquito bites for the whole evening and that is for certain thanks to spraying your fine bug repellent. I am delighted with this product! Thank you!

-Sue MacD.


Hi there, I just got my order today. It is the second time I have ordered from you since hearing about your soap on Wise Woman's Blog. I am LOVING your products! My hands and body have never been so soft! For the first time in years I don't have to use lotion! They also lather up SO much nicer than any other handmade bar I've tried. I wanted to thank you not only for the sample I received with this order, but the FREE bar!! Thank you! I love getting my orders, they are wrapped so pretty in their wrappers and natural ribbon/bow then wrapped in tissue paper, I really feel like I am getting something special! You can count on more orders from me! I am anxious to get to try the Man Bar 2.0. I seem to just miss it each time before it is sold out. I will be stalking your page July 18th!! LOL

-Tara B, A VERY happy customer!


Just wanted to say that I bought my mom and MIL gifts from your shop and they loved them. The customer service you provide is excellent. My mom redeemed her gift certificate and you made one of her sample bars a full sized and threw in an extra sample bar. She was very impressed. :) I've posted your website on my Facebook page, and I only do that if I find a place I REALLY think is special. Now I'm placing my own order! :) Thanks!

-Michelle, GA


Hi Mrs. Klejwa, Hope your week has been pleasant! I just wanted to tell you I could hug you right now!!! That healing salve you sent us is absolutely amazing! I was stung by a wasp twice and pain was shooting up and down my arm and the bite was spreading and getting white and blotchy like always and I used your salve and almost the instant I put it on all the pain stopped. And the blotches disappeared. Praise the Lord for herbs! Loving it.

-Bria, AL


Just had to tell you how much I LOVE your soap!! Ordered on Mon, received on Wed, from Mn to NC. (I'm telling you, that box smelled wonderful; that may be what heaven is going to smell like; after all, a couple of Jesus' first gifts would have smelled good.) I have super sensitive skin & am allergic to most all artifical scents so I hoped for the best when I ordered from you & it paid off! Tried "Chamomile & Orange Blossom" 1st, it's done great in my hair, my skin is not as dry & my complection is better...all with no allergic reactions...YEAHHHHH! First soap ever that I could use on my face. (For you sceptics, no, I'm not related, & have never met them!) My picky husband & son also both like their "Man bar." Thanks for the free Minn Winter Lip Balm, put it on before bed & was still on when I woke up; woohoo on that too! Will definitely re-order, may just hide a bar in every room just to make the house smell great. Thanks again & keep up the good work.

-Gina, NC


I wanted to RAVE about your salve again! Dane was up in the night with a huge rash all over his leg, don't know what from, but he was miserable and I put salve on it and I couldn't believe it but this morning NO sign of any rash at all! WOW~that stuff is amazing! I also have another order for some jojoba oil~by the way, I love that stuff! My face is so soft and smooth and I tell everyone all about it! So, just one unscented would be great. One other rave is the Acne bar-my skin has never been clear-except during pregnancy/breastfeeding-but I never outgrew the teenage pimply skin UNTIL now! I am amazed at the way it keeps my skin clear and even right before my "time" I only get 1 or 2 small ones! woohoo You are amazing and I am very thankful for your creativity and I pray you will never stop making all these wonderful products!!!!

-Tami, MN


Hi- Just had to write and tell you how very pleased our household is with your products. My husband and son love the smell and lather of the Bay Rum Bar. I tried the Acne Battle bar and have used it on my face since purchasing it and I am delighted with it! I have used the Simply Shea Shampoo and Body Bar and also the Goat Milk and Oat Bar and love the moisture they give my skin. I have also used the Organic Jojoba Hair and Body Serum and really noticed a difference in the moisture level of my skin especially using it right out of the shower. I am happily looking forward to trying more of your products in the future! Another thing I noticed was that your soaps lasted longer than the other natural soaps I have purchased which makes them an even better value!



Hello! I just want to tell you how much I love your soap!! I am a new customer who just placed a second order. I ordered a few soaps a month or so ago to "try" you out. Am I ever glad I did! My husband is very happy with the Man bar (he cracks up over the name, too). We have gotten rid of lots of bottles in the shower since getting your soaps. This time, I ordered more for us and some for birthday gifts for my sisters. Unfortunately, we do have hard water but my husband has been using your shampoo/soap bars. The first few days after he started using the Man bar, his hair looked kind of greasy and lifeless. I told him to stick with it - maybe it was just the "good" soap getting the "bad" stuff out of his hair. Sure enough, within a few days, his hair looked great and after a few weeks, it still does! His scalp was dry and itchy but now he is having no problems at all. So, I know what you said about hard water (thanks for the article link) but his hair looks wonderful. Granted, his hair is MUCH shorter than mine and thinning! :) I think I'm going to give it a try anyway and if it doesn't work on my hair, I'll just use the bar only on my body. I think I'll get one with my next order, because I'm sure there will be a next order! :) I ordered the Kitchen Spice bar this time and can't wait to smell that one. I have Tangerine Creamsicle now and it makes my whole bathroom smell good when I'm using it. What a nice little luxury to look forward to in the morning! Thank you, Natalie! I am going to recommend your soaps to our families!



I love the Acne Battle Bar! I have used chemical-filled products since adolescence and I would have to switch around the brands as my skin got used to each one. Not so with this one! I love the natural scent. When I wash with it, my face feels so soft afterward and it has a healthy glow. I have a very oily face naturally and this bar reduces the amount of oil on my face. It also reduced the size and number of my acne in under a week. I will definitely continue to use this bar and would recommend it to others.



Hands down, my favorite product you carry is your Almond Joy Lip Butter. It's so smooth and creamy and doesn't have any of that peppermint sting that some other natural products do. I told my husband that it makes my lips happy. I'm so glad that you decided to continue to carry this product! My other favorite product is the lotion bar. My daughters love to sit there and let me put it all over their bodies. It's great to know that it's an all natural product, especially since we recently found out about some food sensitivites.

-Stephanie, MN


Hi, I am a new customer of yours..I found you through an article in the local paper. I went to your website and after reading the benefits of natural soap on your website I was convinced that I had to try it. I ordered the man bar for my hubby and the orange chamomile bar for myself. We have been using them for over a week now. I love that one bar does it all. I got rid of all the extra bottles in my shower. I have been using it on my hair, as a body wash, and to shave and I am in love!! My skin is softer than it has been in a long time and I actually feel super clean when I get out of the shower. My husband loves his as well! He has dry skin and it has really helped his skin stay moisturized :) I can't wait to place our next order!! Thanks soo much for the wonderful products!!



The heels of my feet were like sandpaper but after using the lotion bar for a couple days before I put on my socks they are smooth. It is amazing. I am also using a bar of your soap for the first time and love what it does for my skin. I finally found products that do what they say they do!!! As a new customer I am thrilled. Thank you sooooo much...



Hi Natalie: Love! Love! Love! the soap! Placing another order. The lotion bar is ingenious! I keep it on my nightstand and reapply it often to my feet and elbows. Also, the soap was a hit all around. Like I mentioned before, I loved my various body washes, but no longer! The soap has such a rich lather, and it feels awesome, and it rinses off completely without leaving a slimy film. I am sooo glad I found your products. Also, thanks for the samples. I tried the cocoa butter one first, and that is one of the ones I'm going to re-order. I will be recommending Apple Valley Natural Soap to all my family and friends!

-Kerrie, MN


Hello Klejwa Family, I am writing to you today to tell you, first of all, how much my family loves your products. Everything we have tried, we've loved! This most recent order is to reorder things we've run out of as well as try new products that we haven't had yet. (The Acne Battle Bar is incredible... both for my teenagers and for MY sensitive skin!) I also wanted to thank you for the free Bay Rum soap bar that arrived with my order today. That was the ONE thing I forgot to order... how ironic that it showed up as my free gift! In case you were wondering, I learned of your products through Dr. Pete Wurdemann as I work in his chiropractic office in North Branch. Thank you so much for making such amazing products and for excellent customer service. We LOVE the lightning-fast shipping! It's a pleasure to do business with you.

-Carla, MN


I absolutely LOVE the Marshmallow and Aloe Shampoo and Body Bar. I use it as a shampoo, and it leaves my wavy/curly hair ultra curly and hydrated. Due to decreased humidity, it is much more difficult to get my locks to curl in the winter. With this bar, it is nearly effortless! It also lathers like nobody's business. Plus, it smells good :) Thanks for an all-around awesome, natural shampoo! And oh, how I love the Mocha Smooch Lip Balm. It actually smells like a mocha. I don't know how that works, but it is so tempting to take a little bite! It leaves my lips feeling smooth, with just a hint of gloss. I absolutely love it! For two and a half bucks, you cannot beat it anywhere. Thanks for such a yummy balm! :)

-Katie, MN


A favorite for us is so difficult to pick - we have fallen in love w/ every single product we've ever purchased, and that's quite a bit! But I always MUST recommend the Healing Herbal Salve - I can not say enough good things about it and I've purchased it as a gift for friends and family, and they've all been very well pleased. It's great for EVERYTHING and my little ones don't mind using it on their boo-boo's b/c it doesn't sting. Another favorite is the Lanolin Wool Wash bar. This is the best stuff for wool diaper covers and is another item I recommend to everyone! AVNS not only has amazing products, but they truly have the best and friendliest customer service I have ever seen! Love the product, love the company, and love the people behind it!



Excellent quality handmade soap! Rich creamy lather yet all natural, long lasting and fairly priced, and arrived so fast I couldn't believe it. The grapefruit luffa is amazing and literally the best handmade soap I have used, and being particular I have shopped around.



We love AVN shampoo bars! If you want shiny, full hair with less frequent washing, you must try them. My personal favorites: Latte Beaute, Lavender Buttermilk, and Marshmallow & Aloe (very warm and nurturing scents). If you want extra body and hair that smells like sweet tea, try the Honey & Hops. For the kids: Simply Shea and Bella Rose. My daughter loves smelling like a "fairy princess." For my man: pure and simple MAN BAR. It compliments several different colognes, but smells so pleasing alone. Makes me wonder if they also added some secret pheromones?? Also, the scent of the Lanolin Wool Wash bar is intoxicating! My hands are so soft and smell amazing after cleaning the woolies. My only other advice is if none of these suggestions help, pick a bar with an enticing ingredient (like lavender-vanilla or orange) and go for it. That's how I found my favorites!



I absolutely love the Acne Battle bar! It works so well and I feel so much better using it on my skin vs. the chemical filled solutions. It worked in one night. Your products are wonderful.



The Grapefruit exfoliating bar is fabulous! Not only does it smell like a fresh, juicy slice of grapefruit but it also lathers well and exfoliates the rough, dry winter flakey skin we all seem to have during the winter months. A great bar for transforming and refreshing dull skin into beautiful skin!!!



I love your Tangerine Creamsicle Bar! It smells good enough to eat, and lasts forever. It does not dry my skin out. It has the perfect blend of scents to foster memories of summertime even in the coldest of winter.



I am a brand new "AVNS" user as of 2 weeks ago! I read about this family soap business in a local newspaper and because both of my kids have sensitive skin, I thought I would give it a try. The first week I replaced all my shower soaps. We loved the soaps so much, that the second week I ordered some more and have now replaced all the soap in my kitchen and bathroom sinks as well! I don't really have a favorite yet, but I will say I love washing my hands with the Kitchen Spice Bar, it has a really yummy scent! The customer service I have received so far has been both prompt and very courteous. I have told many friends about my new soaps and am looking forward to giving some of these soaps as gifts. I would have to say, I am officially hooked. Thank you Apple Valley Natural Soap for this wonderful discovery!

-Lezlie, MN


I love the soap (of course) but I also love the salve. Sometimes my feet start to itch and in the past, the more I scratched, the more it itched. Lotions didn't help. One night I tried the salve, and the itching stopped almost immediately. Now, I just keep the jar right in my room! My ankles thank you!

-Kris, MN


I just got attacked by what I thought was a horse fly, but I looked out on the porch, and there is a swarm of wasps building a nest. They stung me over and over again on my ear and neck, and it really hurt. I ran in and put on your salve and it felt better right away.

-Stacie, Osceola, WI


I just wanted to let you know I received the soap I ordered and love all three bars! The Calendula Castile Bar is working great on my very dry and sensitive skin and my hubby loves the Mint Breeze Bar I ordered for him. I think all my co-workers will be getting gifts ordered from you website for Christmas this year. Thanks for making a great product!

-Renee, FL


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I am loving the salve. I've tried it out here and there for different things and its worked. But nothing impressed me more than today when I got bumped taking something out of the oven and my inner (very sensitive skin) arm hit the door. My skin turned bright red (just a first degree burn thankfully), I decided to try the salve. By the time supper was over I couldn't even feel the burn. All I can say is wow, you have definitely tapped into the gifts of nature that the Lord provided for us. Thank you again. I'll definitely be adding several salves to my next order :)

-Jacinta, LA


I have recently jumped on the shampoo bar bandwagon. I must say dry, porous, & tangled is usually an understatement. The Whole Latte Brunette, and Wheat & Spice Lavender bars are wonderful! The Beer & Egg is a lot of moisture, but adds volume that I am already trying to tame. The dry problem out the door & tangling after shampooing is down to a minimum. That is really saying something coming from a person who has a ball of cotton for hair. I used the Avocado & Aloe bar sample on the baby. PS. The samples were much appreciated!:-D

-Adrienne, OH


I am really enjoying AVN's soaps. I was gifted the Vanilla Buttermilk Bar and I fell in love with it's luxurious lather and feminine, soft scent. We have terribly hard water in the city, but that does not stop this soap from pampering my skin. Surprisingly, I do not need lotion or body oil after using this soap which I love. I have also used it on my young children and it leaves them so soft to the touch, lightly scented, and irritation-free. My husband has staked his claim on the MAN bar. He loves the utility and practicality of it and he takes it with him everywhere (band gigs, the gym, vacation, etc.). It doesn't hurt that the scent is rather enticing to his lady too! Thank you for making these great products for our whole family to enjoy!

-Jessica, MO


First of all, I'd like to thank you and your family for providing such wonderful, high quality soap, at affordable prices. I have been trying new shampoos for several years trying to find one that would make my hair look and feel nice for longer than a few weeks, and I think I have found it! The "A Whole Latte Brunette Shampoo Bar" makes my hair feel thick and soft. Also, the persistent itchy-scalp that I had with detergents has finally evaporated. When I first tried it, it made my hair somewhat tangly, despite a shower filter to correct our very hard water. However, after using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after each shampoo, and waiting it out a week until the old shampoo residues had lifted from my hair, the shampoo bar has proven itself perfect for my fine, thick hair. Also, I love getting up in the morning to have such yummy tasting soap waiting for me. I am looking to replace my current chemical-saturated shaving cream with something better for both the environment and my body. Could any of your soaps be used as shaving bars? If not, have you considered producing one? Thank you for providing such wonderful soaps! I can't wait to try out your lotions, body soaps, and lip balms.

-Stephanie, CA


I truly can not say enough good things about AVNS! Every single product we've used has been phenomenal! I originally began purchasing Wool Wash bar samples to put in packages for my customers...and my love your products quickly grew from there. I love that they're all natural, handmade, and the customer service and friendliness is AMAZING. I use the Rhassoul Clay facial bar and it has been the best for my skin--I've used so many commercial products in the past and none compare to this one. I'm a huge patchouli lover, so naturally I use the Patchouli Tangerine soap. My whole family is crazy about the salve as well-its done wonders for bug bites on the kids, kitchen cuts on me, my mother's poison ivy, and my husband said it's the BEST stuff he's ever used on his fever blisters. I love that it's an excellent, all natural "heal-all". I've bought several and have given them as gifts...everyone has raved about it! The shampoo bars are FANTASTIC-my 4 year old daughter loves them too because they are just right for her little hands. AVNS is fantastic in every way-I really cannot imagine purchasing our soap products anywhere else!

-Mandi, TN


You never cease to amaze me! My mom often makes fun of me for being what she calls a "tree hugger", so whenver I have a chance to justify my way of life, I take advantage of it. She was complaining about rough, dry feet, so quick as a flash, I whipped out my lotion bar and applies it to her feet as she sat and grinned, thinking I was silly. A couple days later, after several applications, she said, "OK, I'm a believer! What was in that stuff, because look at my feet! They are smooth and looking good." Needless to say, I told her all about it and as as gift I recently got her a new style lotion bar and she was so happy to receive it. On to my sister! Another one who is slowly but surely coming around to the thought that natural is better. After a while now of using the Grapefruit Peppermint bar on my underarms, they are noticeably softer, lighter, and smoother. She noticed, since it is summer tank top season. : ) Anyway, she asked what I'd been using and voila! Another opportunity. LOL I showed her the bar and she instantly fell in love. I recently gave her a small gift set of the Grapefruit Peppermint Luffa bar and the Rose Shea Butter bar and she is in hog heaven. Absolutely loves both of them. Rose is her favorite scent. Thank you for such great products and for keeping them affordable enough to share!

-Sarah, NV


The Grapefruit Peppermint Luffa Bar is by far one of my favorites! The exfoliation that you get with this bar is simply amazing! My skin always feels so smooth, silky, and refreshed after using it. And the scent is spot on, very energizing and uplifting. The description of this bar is perfect...there really is no other bar like this one!



Thank you so much for your products! I absolutely am sold on them! I've been doing experiments with the soap I received from you and the stuff I had on hand. I have gotten rid of all my expensive hair products, shaving gel and "French bar soap". Yes...your soap is better than the French soap! You probably knew that though. The French soap was better than the average shower gel but not as good as yours. My daughter, Jenna and husband love the products as well. Needless to say I have a lot more room in the shower and tub area as well as the cabinets. I like to simplify as much as possible. (Later on...) I forgot to tell you that I no longer need body lotion! I got rid of my lotion as well. I did purchase a Cocoa Butter lotion bar to use on my feet for the summer. Works well and I don't need very much either. I now have fabulous gift ideas to give my family and friends!

-Jennie, MN


Thank you so much for the quick delivery. I usually anticipate my showers and which soap (yes, I have two to swap between) I'll indulge in, but not like this most recent one. Heavenly. My hair feels awesome and I seriously love the Acne bar (as a 30 year old whose face thinks she's going through puberty again). I can't wait to make my next order. Thanks for sharing your soap love with everyone. (The next day) I'm now happily on my second day of Whole Latte Brunette and all I can say is wow. In southern Louisiana I usually have limp or frizzy hair. But I am now enjoying smooth body in my hair, it really is shocking. I'm not sure what to do with it, but it's happily opened up doors for styles I never thought possible.

-Jacinta, LA


I am amazed at how fast my pkg arrived. & your soap? You have managed to make something of the highest quality available to someone like me. I can't afford fancy shampoo, it's too expensive. My hair is very thick & have lots & lots of it! This soap made my hair feel soft & silky even with my hard water. ( I did a vinegar rinse, but I really debated whether I needed to. what a surprise. Your ingredients I recognize as quality. I love that you have so many wonderful things in them. & for finding a way to offer such precious treasures at such an amazing price, you have a loyal appreciate customer that looks forward to returning. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your soap to anyone. I was trying to figure out how to afford a shampoo bar & with shipping it came to nearly 15 dollars. ONE BAR! When I found yours & saw what you put into them... I nearly cried. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted you to know how much this is appreciated. I even washed my daughters hair with the marshmallow & aloe bar (she's 2) she chattered on about 'her' soap excitedly for quite awhile. Thank you, bless you.

-Angela, WA


My nephew finally came to pick up his shampoo bars. I told him I had a couple extra bars of soap and he said he'd take just one of them. As soon as he smelled the mint breeze bar, he stuck it in his pocket. I said....."don't you want to smell this lovely cinnamon one?" He just smiled.....then his mom, Lori, called. He was late going over to his parents house for a bbq for Lori's b-day. He said he was at my place picking up soaps and I heard her screaming over the phone....."You'd better bring me a bar of soap!!" Because, apparently the 5 BARS OF SOAP she got from me a month ago wasn't enough. He drove his motorcycle and said he didn't have his basket thing on, so he had to wedge them in his bike and had a bar in each pocket and in his back pockets too. Funny. She left me a VM today saying she thought it was cute Kevin was picking up soaps from me. Then she said....."We all love our soaps around here." Just thought you'd want to hear that heart warming little story.

-Julie, MN


One of the first soaps I bought was the Calendula Castile has been a wonder for my face as I have very sensitive skin. At the same time I bought the Minnesota Winter bar for my husband to use for his dry winter hands, and...another miracle! He loved it and wants more natural soap! Since then we have tried the shampoo bars and love them too. I particularly like the free samples; it gives me a chance to try something I might not otherwise buy. We are both 60 years old and have never used natural handmade soaps before...we are hooked! We got very lucky when I found you on the Etsy website!

-Peggy, WI


OK, you've outdone yourself for sure! I LOVE the Rose perfume oil! So clean and absolutely divine! I will definitely be back for more. I've tried almost all of the soaps in your shop and I haven't been disappointed yet. Every single one is just fantastic and smells decadent, and you just keep coming up with more! I am a customer for life! You deserve a standing ovation..."BRAVO, BRAVO!!!" Thank you!

-Sarah, NV


I am so glad I tried your shampoo bars. I was just looking for something more natural and they far exceeded my expectations! My son has suffered with cracked skin and raw sores around his ears for several years. I tried all the natural baby washes. Some seemed to make it worse, but none of them made them better. Then I began using the shampoo bar on his hair. Finally, his ears are healed. A little dry still, but no cracked skin. Thank you so much! My son is so glad to be able to use them!

-Cyndy, GA


I would like to thank you for introducing me to my first set of shampoo bars. I am not going back to liquid shampoo after trying these! My hair is afro kinky 4b type hair and tends to dry out a lot. The Babassu Shea shampoo bar worked great for my hair! I didn't even bother using conditioner after washing with it. I also purchased the Milk and Honey shampoo bar and this one worked more like a clarifier for my hair (which I need for my hair too). I will definitely be purchasing again from you.

-Kathy, SC


I am a total believer in these natural products, and I understand that you don't necessarily need to see a difference to understand that natural is generally going to be better for your body, but we have seen some differences. All the little bumps that have been on the back of my arms (forever!) are now gone. The Acne Battle bar calmed down my daughter's skin during a break out (right away). But the salve...WOW! I bought some thinking...good to have on hand. Especially with mosquito season coming up and some of my kids really swell up with some of those bites! Well, we had the salve out and my teen age daughter covered her heels with it and put on socks for the night. This child has thick calluses and deep cracks on her heels. We have tried just about every cream, ointment, pumice, scraper, anti-fungal and soak on the market since she was a little kid. The next evening she came to me and simply said, "Look!" Her heels looked NORMAL! The deepest cracks still had a little more healing, but this is the best her heels have ever looked. Just in time for sandal season. THANK YOU!!!

-Tracy, MN


It happened to me. I was washing my hands with my new Cucumber Citrus bar and the time came to rinse and be done, and I didn't want to stop washing my hands! The lather felt so creamy and the smell was delicious, and I knew I could leave it on my hands and breathe it in as long as I wanted to because was was made from all natural, good-for-me stuff! I LOVE this soap! I used to wash my hands only when necessary. Now, I use any excuse to convince myself that I should go wash my hands! And my hands are amazingly soft even with so much washing. I am usually using lotion through the winter months, and I haven't HAD to use it at all this winter! Thanks for making such good soap out of such good stuff!

-Susan, MN


I've got to tell you that my husband is insisting that we order several more tubs of the salve. So far I've been just using it on my baby's behind now and then – I'm not sure if she's got diaper rash (since I don't know what diaper rash looks like, but I figure that it's good for her every once in awhile). Anyway, my husband came home the other day with itchy ankles – and has had problems with swollen ankles. So, the itch could be from reduced circulation or from the electrical stimulation therapy they give him. We really still don't know for sure why they itch around the ankle sometimes. In any case, I whipped out the salve and had him try it. The stuff worked on-contact. Amazing. All natural. Really super stuff. Natalie is absolutely my favorite seller in the world. People think I'm crazy for importing my soap - but it's just that good. Thank you!

- Kimberly, Croatia


I just want you to know how much your soaps have changed my skin! I have only been using your soap for about a week now and the difference is amazing. Everyone in my family has soft and naturally beautiful skin. However, my skin was dry and bumpy (and everyone noticed). For being only 25 years old, I feel my skin looked 20 years older! I bought 4 soaps, 1 shampoo bar and a lotion bar. First let me talk about the soap. It feels so great and lathers much more. I have always used natural soap from a local farmers market. However that soap was 97-99.5% natural, not all 100% like yours. Their natural soap was good but not great and VERY expensive. Also, my skin was still dry and bumpy. After using your soap twice, almost all my bumps went away. It is truly amazing! I follow up with the lotion bar on elbows and knees and any dry spots I have. Then I use my regular lotion and my skin has totally changed. The shampoo bar I bought is the Man bar. My husband uses a body wash that is not natural at all (I hate unnatural products) and I have been unsuccessful in convincing him to use more natural products. However this morning I told him to just try the Man bar as a shampoo and soap. He came out of the shower and LOVES it!!! I am so happy I found something natural that he loves. The shampoo bar has been great for my long curly hair as well. I am hoping that eventually, there will be no more bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in my shower; only the natural soaps and shampoos from your company. Thank you so much for these products and pricing them reasonably!!! It is so hard to find quality products at a reasonable price. I love Apple Valley Natural Soap Company so much!

- Stephanie, MD


Fabulous communication. Extremely fast shipping. Lovely packaging. Great products. And I adore the free samples...the Creamy Rose Shea Butter soap is like a little slice of heaven. I'm sitting here smelling my arms about every 30 seconds. Thanks so much!!!

- Julie, MN


OK I wanted to use this (Latte Brunette Shampoo Bar) a few times before posting any feedback. First of all, the smell is AMAZING, so spicy, I LOVE it! Makes a fantastic lather and rinses clean. I have long hair and every time I came out of the shower after using this bar, I'd run the brush through... perfectly! Not a tangle in sight. Thank you for such a great product! Amazing seller, I'm telling everyone. ;)

- Sarah, NV


I received 4 different samples of the shampoo bars. I've only tried 2 so far, the beer and egg and the babassu shampoo bar. Both bars made my hair shiny and smooth, very healthy looking. As a bonus, the babassu bar gave my very fine thin hair great volume and body. Super fast shipping (rec'd in 2 days) and great customer service. Thanks for the samples of soap - I can't wait to try them. Will definitely repurchase from this wonderful seller.

- Cindy, LA


Many, many thank you's. Absolutely wonderful. This wool wash is the best. Anyone using wool diaper covers should invest in this Wool Wash Ewe Bar. Terrific smell as well. Again thanks.

- Robyne, GA


We just tried out the Rosemary Mint and Nettles Shampoo Bar on three of our little ones. I was surprised by how lathery it was and how "squeaky" clean their hair was after using it. My son, who is three, said, "Oh Mom, I REALLY like this shampoo, it feels so good on my head." Furthermore, I found myself holding them longer in my lap today because their little heads smelled so good!

- Christy R., MN


I love your Chocolate Orange Twist bar and Creamy Rose Shea Butter bar. They help my hands stay soft in our harsh winter weather. I have given friends and relatives several of your soaps as gifts this year and everyone likes them. I am so glad my daughter turned me on to your products!

- Nancy M., WI


I have been meaning to write to you and shout how much I love your company and products! I tried it from a referral through ThreeHappyTrees and I am addicted! I have to start out with, I was a little skeptical, but it all sounded so delightful, well I am so happy that I did. The Cafe Brunette Shampoo Bar is WONDERFUL; my dark brown (lightly salted and peppered :-) feels so soft and supple! I can't wait to take a shower now, I have always liked to be clean, but with little kids it almost becomes a chore, now...........YEAH!!! Since then I have the Goat Milk & Oatmeal Soap, love it! The beer and egg soap, not smelly, but it left my hair super shiny! The Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar is absolutely yummy, my hands are soft, finally for once. I have horribly dry skin, eczema, and so do the children. This has done wonders for us. We also have the Lavender one, I like it also, but it's mainly for the baby to massage her at night before bed time and she seems to like it a lot. The Spiced Coffee Kitchen bar is in our bathroom now, because it makes the whole bathroom smell delicious and it is great on my hands. (Even the 7yr.old doesn't complain about washing her hands now!) Last but definitely not least, we have the Cocoa Butter Lip Balm that is just plain scrumptious we have named it Baby Butt Balm, because it makes our lips as soft as a baby's bum! My absolute favorite is the Cafe Latte Lip Balm, I could eat it! I love coffee and this is just the right amount of fragrance, my 7yr. old claimed it for herself so I had to order more, can't wait for it to come in. Well, we just ordered more, will definitely leave more feedback on them also. All I can say for sure is Apple Valley Natural Soap is you have a Lifetime Loyal Customer! Can't wait to try everything! Hope your holidays and family are wrapped in love this season.

- Eliza E.


Oh, Apple Valley Natural Soaps... what did I do before you? I have bought soaps from many online retailers, and yours are by FAR superior in every way! I received my order quickly, the packaging is chic, the soaps are great and the price is right! I'll never buy from another supplier again! Your soaps smell delightful without being over-powering and leave my skin feeling clean and soft. I especially love your Kitchen Spiced Coffee Bar. I hope that I never have to cut another onion without it again! Now, my hands smell yummy, not yucky! These will definitely be my go to hostess gift from now on! Thank you again for your great and AFFORDABLE product. I'll be back again and again!

- Christy T.


I love all of the soaps I have ordered. The natural products are wonderful and at such an affordable price. I have given soaps, shampoos and lip balms as gifts and each person has come back to me asking where I purchased the products because they loved them so much. My neighbor opened the cinnamon apple bar and said, "Wow it smells so good just like real apples" that's because it has real apples in it! The soaps are wrapped with beautiful designer paper they make such pretty gifts. We will be ordering again!

- Toni C.


Receiving a sample of shampoo soap some time ago, I thought I would never use it. After all, my only experience washing my hair with soap was as a child when we washed our hair in the lake with Ivory soap which brought the most unpleasant results. Talk about stiff hair! Quickly I tucked that sample into the drawer. There it stayed for quite awhile. For no reason one day, I changed my mind and sampled that soap. Although it took a minute to work up a lather because I have long hair, the results pleasantly surprised me. My hair felt so soft! After rinsing out the soap, my hair felt so clean. If you have heard of hair being "squeaky clean", which I know sounds weird, that describes my hair exactly. Quickly, I used up the sample and consequently ordered another bar of shampoo soap. If I hadn't gotten that sample, I'm sure I would never have tried shampoo soap. I HIGHLY urge everyone to buy a bar of it!

- Ann K.


It seems that each month or week I find a new use for the Soothing Herbal Salve. My daughter now calls it "Mrs. K's Cure Everything Salve". Bug bites on kids who swell up like balloons was our first successful use of the salve. Then, we moved on to an old case of poison ivy where the poor child had scratched his legs to almost entire coverage in scabs. Nothing else had helped him – the itch left immediately and the scabs healed quickly. Next, I used it as a last resort idea for a terrible sunburn under the eyes of a 2 year old and the next morning it was almost nearly gone. This same 2 year old has terrible diaper rash with a basket of every cream and lotion from the drugstore AND natural co-op. His mom tried the tin I gave her for the diaper rash on his little bottom and she is already on her 3rd tin, it is the only thing that helps him. Last week I had a huge paper cut and long scratch from a grocery cart. I tend to get infections in open sores within 48 hours and sure enough, they were red and swollen on the second day. So that night, I applied "MKCES" (see name above) and woke in the morning with zero redness or puffiness and the wounds almost fully healed. This week, it has gone on my little guy's chapped face (due to a cold). You guessed it – next morning, the chapped cheeks were soft and kissable again! Seriously, I love her soaps but if I was told I could only buy one product from this company for the rest of my life, it would be the salve, hands down! Today I decided to start using it on a large wart on the heel of my three year old. I am confident it will help given my prior experience. Buy a tin for every level of your house, your purse, your diaper bag and each car!

- Sara A.


I am a new customer and now a loyal one as well. We have chronically very dry skin/eczema/psoriasis in our family, and the Calendula Castile Body Bar had already in a few days begun to soften the skin and lessen the irritation. And I was surprised, impressed, and thankful with each continued day of use! In addressing these skin issues, I'm grateful there are natural, affordable and even creatively/beautifully-made options for us. Now, I'm eager to try the Chamomile and Orange Blossom Body Bar and the Rhassoul Clay and Sea Mud Shampoo Bar for more!

- Julie L.


I've been using the Shea Castile Bar soap for washing my face at night replacing my regular bar soap. I'm amazed at the smoothness of my skin and no dry patches! I happen to have somewhat sensitive skin and it reacts quickly to the seasonal changes- my face was already beginning to show dry flakiness from the colder winds from being outside this fall. I'm amazed that just by changing the soap I use on my skin changed it from dry to normal! I also love the lotion bar! I have eczema on my hands and they chap and chafe in the summer as well as the fall and winter. I've been using the lotion bar on my hands at night before bed and they feel so soft now and no dry flakes or irritation!

- Deb S.


I have to tell you I am so impressed with your products! Wow! My baby's eczema looks so much better since I started using the Calendula Castile soap and the Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar. It's unbelievable! I haven't used any steroid cream on him since I started using it—amazing! I'm so thankful to have a natural solution to his dry skin. The cocoa butter lotion smells so good; I seriously wish I could eat it--yum! I've started using it on my dry feet, too and I can already see a difference. I can't wait to try more of your products!

- Pam W.


Wow - The smell from the box when I opened it was so amazing I had to jump in the shower. Not only will you smell lovely, your skin will be silky and smooth after using these soaps. I am impressed with the quality of these natural products - no fake synthetic fragrance or color - but they still look excellent and smell delightful. The packaging and appearance of the soap is spa / boutique quality - and great for personal use or gift giving. But with these great prices you don't to feel guilty about indulging because they are SO AFFORDABLE! This seller is very generous with samples!!

- Laura B.


Absolutely fabulous product! Very friendly seller and fast shipping! Will certainly be doing business w/ you again soon!!

- Mandi W.


I love, love, love these soaps! They smell so good and the pink peppermint is so pretty with its "snowflake" shavings sprinkled on top.

- Allison M.


Received your soaps today. Fantastic. I just smelled them all and I LOVE the Autumn Woods Bar. I might just sleep with it under my nose.

- Lisa W., MN


After bearing with extremely sensitive and dry skin for years, using these soaps has literally been an answer to prayer! No longer am I using topical steroids every day and spending oodles of money on the newest lotion on the block, hoping it will make all the difference. Using the Shea Castile Bar or Calendula Castile Bar as I shower and then others, like the Chocolate Orange Twist, at the sinks throughout the day, has given my skin all the relief I need! Thanks for making products that are not only beautiful to the eye, but silk to the skin.

- Erica H., MN


There just aren't enough superlatives to describe how great this soap is. Not only does it smell great, do the job that it's supposed to do, but it doesn't disintegrate like many natural soaps. Fantastic soaps! The smell, the packaging....everything. With this collection, I also received the cedar soap deck. What can I say? It just works better than any soap dish that I've ever encountered - everything just dries out...and quickly. A mystery of science!

- Kimberly R.


I love to use the Mandarin Green Tea Forest Bar when I shower in the morning or right after I work out because it makes me feel totally clean and fresh. I love to use the Chamomile and Orange Blossom Tea Bar in the bathtub at night because when my husband snuggles up to me in bed he says I smell yummy.

- Sue M., MN


I recently bought couple "A Whole Latte Brunette" bars, one for me and one for my sister. We both have long, thick, curly (read: difficult to manage!) hair, and I'm a teenager, so my hair can get pretty oily. I'm giving my sister her bar for Christmas, but have already used mine twice. The first time, I continued using conditioner, but my hair started looking greasy after a day. Then, the next time, I decided to try skipping the conditioner--something I have never done for almost 3 years--and see what happened. I was amazed to see that my hair was just as moisturized without the conditioner as with it when I used the shampoo bar, and that it was tangle free! Miraculous! I hope that I will never have to go back to using liquid shampoos and conditioners, as they use harsh chemicals and also cause build-up. Not to mention that the shampoo bar smells SO GOOD! And I was also very surprised to see how incredibly it lathered. Thank you so much, Apple Valley Natural Soap!!!

- Katie O., MN