Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Bean Face and Body Bar

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You know you want to wash your face and body in organic, virgin cocoa butter and Madagascar vanilla beans. Here's your chance. Sumptuous—and zero calories. This pure cocoa butter soap bar is unscented, but you can smell the faint scent of organic cocoa butter and vanilla. Naturally. Perfect for sensitive souls.

Warning: This pure cocoa butter soap bar is extremely moisturizing and may reduce your need for extra moisturizers, thereby saving you time and money as well as simplifying your life. And who would want that?

Ingredients: saponified oils of a madagascar vanilla bean infused organic extra virgin olive, organic cocoa butter, and organic coconut oil. No added scent.

This is one of our soaps that due to a 25% increase in organic raw cocoa butter, and 100% increase in organic olive oil, we needed to raise the price. We believe that continuing to produce this soap even at a slightly higher price point, is better than stopping its production due to costs as it's a favorite of many.

All of our Shampoo, Body and Facial full sized bars are 5oz in weight, with dimensions of 2.75H x 3.4W x 1D.

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