Castor Oil Eye Mask

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Using a Castor Oil Eye Mask can have many benefits, some of which are helping improve the stability of tears and lipids in your eyes, reducing inflammation around the sinus area, and helping the lymphatic system drain. These eye masks are made with Organic PUL and organic cotton flannel and are made by Liss & Landi. With a soft stretchy band that fits comfortably around your head "you can rest assured knowing that the material against your skin is safe, soft and hypoallergenic." 

Adult Eye Mask measures 8" fabric with a 11" strap.
Child Size measures 7" fabric with a 9.5" strap.

Use alongside our Organic, Hexane free Castor Oil which can aid in strengthening the immune system, increasing relaxation and improving sleep quality, improving lymphatic drainage, reducing headaches and much more!