Liver Castor Oil Pack

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A Liver Castor Oil Pack is a great way to detox and cleanse the body because it supports and encourages your body’s natural ability to detox and heal. It is also help in relieving stress while improving physical health. By placing this castor oil pack over your liver (upper, right quadrant of the abdomen) you can help support detoxification.

These natural Castor Oil packs are made by Liss & Landi with organic PUL and organic cotton flannel, and they state that "you can rest assured knowing that the material against your skin is safe, soft and hypoallergenic."

This pack is 17" horizontal and 10" vertical (in the middles narrowest point).

Use alongside our Organic, Hexane free Castor Oil which can aid in strengthening the immune system, relieve the discomfort of sore muscles and joint pain, improve lymphatic drainage, detox internal organs and much more!

Please remember that Castor Oil will stain. Put an old towel or blanket underneath you, remove clothing that could touch it, or wear clothes you are okay with getting stained.