Organic Virgin Jojoba | Natural Hair & Skin Oil

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Looking for an all natural body lotion that will leave your skin luminous and softly scented? Our pure, organic jojoba is the most natural way to moisturize both skin and hair. The benefits of jojoba are numerous and unparalleled. Jojoba is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no oily residue, making it the perfect massage oil. It is used to maintain skin elasticity and leaves skin literally glowing. You can use jojoba to remove makeup, combat conditions like athlete's foot, dandruff, eczema, skin bacteria and other skin infections. It improves hair quality and stimulates hair growth.

Just a little goes a long way. Use it as an all over body moisturizer after a shower, or do what I do and use it in the shower after you're done washing.  Simply pump the jojoba on your arms and legs, rub in, and you're good to go! It's my favorite, fast way to moisturize my skin. Jojoba also makes an incredible massage oil.

Facial oil suggestions based on skin type:

Oily to Combination Skin: Jojoba Oil
Combination to Mature/Dry Skin: Argan
Mature/Dry Skin: Reset Beauty Oil 

Our Organic Jojoba comes unscented, just pure Organic Virgin Jojoba oil, or lightly scented in our Relax blend (A BLEND THAT SMELLS DREAMY!) which has the addition of lavender, benzoin (smells like vanilla), mandarin, geranium, sweet marjoram, frankincense, palmarosa and ylang ylang essential oiis. The last three essential oils are not listed on our labels as the blend was revised after the labels were printed.

OR get your jojoba CUSTOM MADE in any of our soap scents for $19.95. Just select the Custom Jojoba option and let us know what you want in the Instructions to Seller portion of the check out page. If you're looking for some scent ideas for your custom Jojoba, simply scan through our many soaps and let us know the name the soap which appeals to you and we'll custom make your jojoba. If we are unable to fill a specific scent profile we will contact you.  (Please allow an additional 24 hours processing time for your custom jojoba.)

This smooth, silky, body-drenching goodness comes packaged in a 4 oz bottle with a convenient Yorker twist top for easy application.

Try a 1.5 ml sample size of the unscented organic jojoba for $2.15