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Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar


Product Description

SOLD OUT! A new batch is curing and will be ready July 7.

This is my favorite bar. I'm a peppermint-tea-tree FREAK. Have you ever jumped into a cold lake after a hot sauna? No? Well here's your chance to do it while keeping your feet firmly planted in the shower. Which is my way of pulling off this feat. You get all the the cool, refreshing and invigorating sensations you're looking for with none of the sweat or the shock.

(Psst...keep the tingly feeling going with our coordinating Matcha Mint Body Polish. I use these two together all the time. Makes a perfect pair after a hard work out—if you're into that kind of thing—which I'm most definitely not. Can someone pass the cookies?)

Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, olive, castor bean, organic sunflower, organic sustainable palm, organic jojoba, unrefined shea nut butter, and mango seed butter, rosemary oil extract, and essential oils of peppermint and tea tree.

Purchase sample sizes of our shampoo bars HERE.

Don't forget to check out our Citric Acid Hair Rinses or our Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse - an important step when you are using shampoo bars (read more about that HERE). In addition, you'll want to enable your soap to dry out properly between uses. Try one of our all natural Texas Limestone Soap Rocks. And for those in-between washing days, you'll love our DRY shampoo!


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  1. Perfect Shampoo Bar and Body Bar in One

    Posted by Jeff Launiere on 13th Jun 2016

    Absolutely love this Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar and body bar rolled into one. Great at moisturizing the skin and hair. Love it so much that I just ordered several more bars of this and others.

  2. Use a vinegar rinse!

    Posted by Anna on 27th Apr 2016

    This shampoo bar smells pretty good, although I could not smell much of the peppermint in "peppermint tea tree".
    I used it for about a week and my hair was sticky- then I used a vinegar rinse and my hair was just fine. I am still getting used to shampoo thta doesn't get foamy with bubbles, let alone in a bar, but I am excited that it's all natural and seems to be a good shampoo. It is a lovely experience to open the package because it smells so good!

  3. My favorite

    Posted by Alisha on 18th Jan 2016

    I love this bar! It helps with my dry scalp and I like that the scent isn't over powering. My first shampoo bar over a year ago and I haven't changed since! :)

  4. We now buy 7 bars at a time of this!

    Posted by Angela on 18th Sep 2015

    I began using this in my journey towards shampoo bars. Fell in love. My husband has had major scalp issues for years. Sores, scaling, dandruff, itching, etc. He switched to his bar and no longer has ANY issues with his scalp. Sold us on it.

  5. My favorite

    Posted by Pascale on 2nd Jul 2015

    Like Natalie,this is my favorite shampoo bar, it leaves my hair remarkably clean without residue.
    I love the fresh clean scent of peppermint and my husband does too.

  6. Love it

    Posted by Tonie Campbell on 5th May 2015

    I'm partial to anything peppermint. I love the smell of peppermint essential oil. If Apple Valley could come up with a peppermint, jasmine, coconut, mango soap; that would be the bomb. This soap was so refreshing and light. The lather is great and tea tree already leaves a cooling tingling sensation that it just goes great with peppermint

  7. Husband and I both love it

    Posted by Pascale on 17th Feb 2015

    I love the fact that it doesn't leave a residue on my hair like most soap bars and my husband and I both love that we can use it on our body as well.

  8. Works for men!

    Posted by Mike on 5th Feb 2015

    Great option for a guy like me who want's something that works really well, is quick and easy to use, and doesn't leave a strong feminine scent in your hair after showering. I'm on my second bar, and have sworn off store bought shampoos altogether. I use the Citrus rinse once a week, as recommended.

  9. Another smash hit!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2014

    So today was 85 degrees here, too warm for my liking. Decided to pull out the sample and lather up. Wow, the lather is fantastic! The smell is awesome as I'm a big mint fan! And it did give a cooling type of feel as I'm lathering and showering in cool water. Hair looks great, dermatitis scalp feels calm and happy----so I'm happy!!

  10. I love the fresh feeling on my skin.

    Posted by Yvonne on 1st Nov 2013

    I will buy this soap again! It is amazing!!

  11. Love this bar!

    Posted by Cara Smith on 5th Aug 2013

    I could write a book about how great this bar is, actually all of them are. I’ve gotten samples of quite a few trying to decide which I like the best. They were out of samples of this one when I wanted to order it, so I took the plunge and got a full sized bar. No regrets! It’s one of my favorites and I keep it in my shower at all times. I get tired of having to use the same stuff every day and since these bars are so affordable I can keep a couple different scents in the shower and indulge my need for something different whenever I want. This bar lathers like a dream and is very easy to distribute through my nearly hip-length hair. I adore peppermint, any mint in fact, so every time I wash my hair with this bar all of the good memories tied to the scent come back to me.
    It took a while for my hair and I to adjust to all natural shampoo, but I’m very glad that I hung in there. I almost threw in the towel, but I’m stubborn. Now, I don’t have to fight frizz daily, which is saving me a ton of money on gel and hair spray. My hair is so soft I can hardly keep my hands out of it. I use an ACV rinse on occasion, and work a dab of argan, coconut or jojoba oil into my hair while it’s still wet out of habit. My mother is a cosmetologist and was taught in school that you should never let your hair dry without putting something moisturizing in it. Will definitely repurchase, in fact I already have!

  12. Love the mint!

    Posted by Melissa Morris on 29th Jul 2013

    I love the smell of this! It has the great lather of the other bars with the fresh smell of peppermint and a tingle to go along with it. I also believe that this bar helped relieve my irritation from LOADS of chigger bites(maybe because of the tea tree oil?) I love this and will order it again!

  13. Minty Favorite!

    Posted by Alyssa on 22nd Jul 2013

    I recieved my first order this past weekend and a free, sample sliver of this came with my purchases. Boy, am I glad it did. I can't get enough of this soap!!! It leaves my hair super clean and the scent is very fresh and invigorating on top of that! It's the perfect pick me up soap and I just ordered a full size bar so I don't run out :)

  14. Amazing smell

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2013

    Loved the smell of this bar and how it cleaned my hair. Still searching for a bar that will help me with my scalp problems. This one cleared it up a little but not all of it.

  15. Fresh, invigorating.

    Posted by Erin on 9th May 2013

    I am very pleased with the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar I purchased recently. I love the smell and was quite pleased with how well it lathers and suds. I will definitely buy this bar again

  16. Perfection!

    Posted by Amanda Poppen on 9th May 2013

    I got this to use in my hair, which is very curly and gets oily quick. This shampoo bar makes my hair feel soft, and it doesn't get oily as quick. I also use it as body soap occasionally and I'm so clean (with NO residue) afterwards I almost squeak! Love it. :)

  17. After trying several different bars, I keep coming back to this one.

    Posted by Sarah on 17th Apr 2013

    I adore the Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo bar. I love that it is all natural and I really love that it completely clears up my face. I wasn't sure if it was having an effect until I stopped using it for a few days while I tried a different bar. A mini-breakout ensured. I won't be without it again. I use this bar with an apple cider vinegar rinse and my hair looks great. It was a little weird at first to use a bar on my head, but I love how it sudses and it smells nice, too.

  18. Clean and refreshing, helps with dandruff!

    Posted by Lindsay on 21st Jan 2013

    I bought this bar for my 13 year old daughter who struggles with dandruff. It was a hard sell, but she loves it now! I also appreciate the way this company operates: the thank you note on invoices, the free bar program and the free samples included in orders. I like to support family run, American companies and this is an excellent one!

  19. Love this bar

    Posted by Veronica on 16th Jan 2013

    I really wanted to start using shampoo bars and had tried another company first. Even after using an ACV rinse I got huge dandruff flakes every time.
    Not with this bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap! After the first use (using no rinse) my hair was clean with no flakes at all. So happy I didn't have to give up on using a shampoo bar!
    Also the prices are great, it shipped fast, and the invoice was signed with a thank you and I received a sample of a body soap. Every part of my experience with Apple Valley Natural Soap has been wonderful.

  20. Great Bar!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2012

    This bar smells great and is so invigorating!
    Works great on my face and hair.

  21. Favorite bar!

    Posted by Amanda on 13th Aug 2012

    I have tried almost all of the shampoo/body bars that are offered and the Peppermint Tea Tree is my favorite. While I really LOVE many of the other bars, I always order more of these each time because of the fresh feeling, plus the way it makes my hair look and feel. My hair is very fine and can get oily using normal shampoos or near the end of the day, but my scalp can get itchy at the same time. Once I start using this bar, no more itchiness or weirdness. Love, love, love this bar. Started using these bars exclusively about 3 years ago and I have never gone back. Which is a lot to say for us with 5 kids and not much money. Worth every penny.

  22. Refreshing

    Posted by Heidi on 31st Jul 2012

    This combination of tea tree and peppermint is already one of my favorites. It's very refreshing in this hot, humid weather and works well for body and hair. Also, I was having some sinus pressure/congestion so I left it on my cheek/sinus area while in the shower and it really helped ease my sinus pain. I did this for a few days and the discomfort is gone.

  23. Perfect for gift giving

    Posted by Melissa S on 5th Jun 2012

    I gave this soap as a Christmas gifts to some of my kids teachers. They came back from break raving about it! I love that I can give natural, useful gifts that are very cost effective!

  24. Refreshing

    Posted by Lia on 6th Apr 2012

    Love the feel and scent of this bar! Very refreshing, and leaves my skin tingly. Great way to wake up!

  25. My Favorite Body/Shampoo Bar

    Posted by Stephanie Soques on 2nd Apr 2012

    This is my favorite. It smells amazing and is perfect to wake you up in the morning. I have been using this for over 2 years and I cannot go back to store bought soap.

  26. Post Workout Relief!

    Posted by Grace on 2nd Apr 2012

    I love to use this bar after a hard sweaty workout! It truly cools and refreshes the senses, skin & scalp. I also love using it when I have one of my ever nagging sinus infections. This bar combined with the steam from my shower really helps clear my sinuses and provides much needed relief.

  27. Fabulous shampoo and body bar

    Posted by Rebecca on 31st Mar 2012

    This is one of my favorite shampoo bars! It cleared up the itching and leaves my hair smelling great, not at all 'perfumy'. I have been using this for some time and have had no problem with it damaging my coloring. Thank you for making such wonderful products.