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Wheat and Honey Almond Shampoo Bar


Product Description

This one is a treasure trove of anti-oxidants found in the wheat germ, sweet almond, and walnut oils. Nutrient and mineral rich honey will add a lustrous shine to your hair and it will help keep your skin radiantly youthful and healthy. It's enriched with cocoa butter and shea butter for a moisture-drenching, all-over treat. And here's a little trivia for you: this is the bar that won my husband over. Not to me. To natural soap. Before this bar he was in a committed relationship with Irish Spring and nothing, no NOTHING could tear him away. I'll just bet you know someone like that.

Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, unrefined shea nut butter, castor bean, organic sunflower, unrefined cocoa butter, organic jojoba, wheat germ, and sweet almond, raw honey, rosemary oil extract, and essential oils of lemon, lavender, clary, and ginger, fragrance.

Purchase sample sizes of our shampoo bars HERE.

Don't forget to check out our Citric Acid Hair Rinses or our Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse - an important step when you are using shampoo bars (read more about that HERE). In addition, you'll want to enable your soap to dry out properly between uses. Try one of our all natural Texas Limestone Soap Rocks. And for those in-between washing days, you'll love our DRY shampoo!

Product Reviews

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  1. The bar my husband actually uses

    Posted by Tonie Campbell on 23rd Oct 2015

    I've purchased Apple Valley for a while now but have yet to be able to get my husband or son's on board with switching over. My husband took a shower and found the only thing in there was my Wheat and Honey shampoo bar. He used it and said it lathered really good and he wasn't expecting that. He has been using it since. It's a winner for him and for me.

  2. The only one I use!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2015

    I tried a few shampoo bars when I started with AVNS, and all were fine, but this one has completely transformed my hair! I used to have wispy, flyaway hair, and now it's shiny and smooth. I've had numerous people tell me that I have "model hair". GREAT shampoo bar!

  3. Favorite shampoo bar

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2015

    I've tried a few different shampoo bars and this one is my favorite. It has a great sent and is super moisturizing! I will always have an extra one in the cabinet!

  4. Family Favorite

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2014

    We have tried several shampoo bars over the last six months...we have loved them all! However, this is the one we always keep on hand. It works well with all of our hair types and it smells amazing. Our all around favorite, for sure!

  5. Great!

    Posted by Dr. Daisy on 4th Feb 2014

    Although I did not have to wash my hair as soon as I received the package I used this..Wow! love the smell and feel of my hair. I henna every 2-3 weeks (too many gray hairs) and this shampoo bar is excellent. The package was delivered quickly and I even received a small sample. Thanks. I've already ordered again.

  6. Lots of moisturizing ingredients

    Posted by Patti on 3rd Dec 2013

    Love this because of all the moisturizing
    ingredients. Leaves my hair shiny too.

  7. One Of My Favorites

    Posted by JR, Phoenix on 10th Nov 2013

    In an effort to simplify my life and get away from the chemicals used in HBA products, I decided to try all in one shampoo bars. My scalp tends to break out in painful bumps and I have ultra sensitive skin. I really like how my skin and hair felt after using it. My hair is shiny, clean, and it feels thicker, stronger, and healthier. The scent is not overpowering. This will be one of my standard order and keep on hand shampoo bars.

  8. Heavenly

    Posted by Kelly on 27th Oct 2012

    This bar is heavenly (just like the others)! We haven't found a product from AVNS we didn't love. This scent is particularly yummy and pampering. Another amazing soap!

  9. I Keep Coming Back

    Posted by Suzanne on 25th Sep 2012

    This was one of the several samples that I bought when I first found out about this website. I tried all the samples, but I keep coming back to this one.

    I love . . . the smell of almonds, how it makes my hair is so soft, and my skin, which tends to be dry, is not dry anymore.

    So when I need to restock I always buy 2 bars of this soap and 1 bar of something else. Honestly, I could just use this one bar and be absolutely content.

  10. Best soap ever

    Posted by Heather L. on 28th Aug 2012

    I love the scent of this soap and while I had never tried a shampoo bar before, I have to say that I am a believer in them now. It makes my skin and hair so soft! Please don't ever stop making it!

  11. love all things almond

    Posted by Kelly W. on 9th Jul 2012

    Very nice soap. I LOVE the smell of almond. It is a very soft scent so its good if you don't like anything too strong smelling. Some natural soaps have a real "herby" smell and I didn't notice that with this one as much.

  12. Lovely...

    Posted by Hollie D on 22nd May 2012

    I find this bar to be soothing and luxurious. The fragrance is soft and mellow.It has really good lather and works great for my dry skin.

  13. nice scent

    Posted by maryla on 22nd May 2012

    i tried this a soap as a sample size and like the scent so much, will be ordering full sized ones

  14. Love it!

    Posted by Julie on 4th Apr 2012

    My daughter and I both love the this bar. I have fine hair, she has thick hair - we both love how healthy, clean,and soft AVNS makes our hair turn out. The scent and the lather are the best!

  15. My favorite of the bunch!

    Posted by Louise on 4th Apr 2012

    I've tried several of AVNS's shampoo and body bars over the past few months and while they are all excellent, this one is my favorite! The smell is clean and sweet without being overpowering. My neighbor was over to check out my natural products the other day and she walked around the house holding this bar and sniffing it. :) My husband likes this scent too and doesn't feel it's "girly" so we can both use the same bar.

  16. Wonderfully scented and long lasting

    Posted by Jessica C. on 2nd Apr 2012

    This soap has a wonderful scent that doesn't smell overly perfumed. I have sensitive skin, so it was great to find such a great, natural soap, and it really is very long lasting

  17. Smells amazing!

    Posted by Rachel B. on 2nd Apr 2012

    I'm in love with this soap! It smells amazing and without any fake purfumes! Very thankful for an all natural soap that isn't too expensive. I look forward to taking a shower because of Apple Valley's soaps!