Herbal Hair Rinse Herbs

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Our herbal hair rinse herbs are a combination of nine certified organic herbs that your hair and scalp will love. Simply add these herbs to a 32 oz jar (1 quart) & fill with organic apple cider vinegar leaving about an inch of space at the top. Place lid securely on jar & gently shake to combine herbs & vinegar. Leave to infuse for at least 4 weeks, shaking to combine every 2 to 3 days. When ready for use strain through cheese cloth to remove all herbs from vinegar & place in clean jar.

Packed with trace minerals and vitamins, these herbs will nourish your scalp and strengthen your hair shaft. Once infused in apple cider vinegar, the acid in the vinegar helps remove scaly build up and residue on the scalp and hair shaft and closes the cuticles causing them to lie flat and SHINE. Using these herbs with apple cider vinegar also restores the natural pH balance of your scalp, preventing it from becoming dried out and itchy. Your hair will look and feel soft and healthy.

A hair rinse is a critical part of your shampoo bar regimen. You can read more about why this is so important in our article How to Use a Shampoo Bar

Consider purchasing one of our Hair Rinse Applicator Bottles to use for applying the rinse to your hair once your rinse is ready.

Ingredients: certified organic herbs of marshmallow root, horsetail, nettles, chamomile, lavender, comfrey, rosemary, calendula, and yarrow.

For more information about our rinses and ingredients, read more HERE.

If you'd like to try one of our already infused Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinses, we've done the work for you!