Intensive Skin Renewal Night Cream

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Food for your face! Do you love soft, youthful skin????

This amazing cream contains ingredients which are known to regenerate skin cells, restore elasticity and minimize wrinkles. It was specifically created to rejuvenate, hydrate & restore skin naturally.  See and feel the results after only one night and notice wonderful improvement within a few weeks.

The beautiful 50ml glass container is filled with enough cream to last about 4-6 weeks.  

Try in combination with our Moisture Rich Face Cream for daytime wear. Give your skin a beautifully natural, proactive, restorative defense system for both day and night.

For mature or dry skin.

Made in small batches. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Free from Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial preservatives & Synthetics. And as with all our products, cruelty free.

From a happy customer:

"The Night Time Renewal cream is like eating ice cream from the outside in. It is Just. That. Good!"

J. Jensen

Directions: Gently apply at night to the face, neck and décolletage after cleansing skin (and in the morning if not using our Moisture Rich lotion, or if skin needs additional moisture). Allow a few minutes to fully absorb. If used along with other facial skin treatments, apply Intensive Renewal as the last step. Try our Restorative Toner for enhanced benefits to your skin care routine.

Our Moisture Rich Face Cream is typically used as a day time lotion and then our Intensive Renewal Night Cream at night.  We love how both complement each other, delivering what skin needs at all times of the day.  



Bulgarian Rose (Rosa damascena) Hydrosol*^, Camellia (Camellia oleifera) seed oil*, Saffron cell extract (water & Crocus sativus meristem), Ceteraryl olivate & Sorbitan oliveate (from Olive oil), Unrefined Shea (Butyrospermum parkii) butter*, Macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) nut oil*, Rosehip (Rosa canina) oil*, Rose (Rosa damascene, glycerin) extract, Argan (Argania spinosa) oil*, Leucidal (cabbage fermentation (Leuconcstoc), probiotic (Lactobacillus), coconut (Cocos nucifera)), Carrot (Daucus carota sativa) seed oil & Carrot (Daucus carota sativa) extract, Beeswax*, Plankton extract, Natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) from Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) oil in Olive (Olea europaea) oil*, plant based Silk Amino Acids (water, fermented molasses), Silver citrate (silver, citric acid), Essential oils of Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Rose Otto (Rosa damascena). *Certified Organic


^For this current batch of cream we were unable to find an organic rose hydrosol as our previous supplier no longer has it available and it is currently hard to find. We were however able to find a rose hydrosol created from roses grown conventionally.
Some recent good news is that we are the process of acquiring an organic rose hydrosol, so will switch to that as soon as we have it in house.

Please note that this is a 100% natural product! We have chosen to add two naturally derived preservatives for safety reasons, but for best results please use within 3 months of opening. Place in a cool location prior to first use. A continuous cool location is not needed, but will preserve the effectiveness of the lotion over an extended period of time, just as refrigeration extends the freshness of food. 

Sample Sizes: Occasionally we will have sample sizes of our Intensive Renewal Night Cream available for purchase which are approximately .17 ounce in size.

Ingredient Descriptions:

Organic Rose Hydrosol is very hydrating. It is a mild astringent, also attracting moisture making it very helpful for all skin types. Rose also helps to balance the skin as it regulates sebum production, has antibacterial properties, helps heal sunburn and improves circulation. 

Organic Camellia Seed Oil has an outstanding moisture retaining ability and is one of the most rapidly absorbed plant oils. The unique make-up of the oil allows it to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin; much like water, leaving it smooth and supple. It also possesses Squalene which is also an important component of the skin’s natural emollient system. A deficiency of squalene can result in dry skin and premature aging, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin.

Saffron Cell Extract is a plant-derived stem cell designed to provide antioxidant, soothing, and anti-fungal activity. Plant stem cells can slow skin aging by defending against extrinsic stress, keeping skin looking youthful, longer. Saffron cell extract is an ideal ingredient known to protect the skin from damage caused by increasingly intense and harmful surroundings due to its antioxidant and soothing benefits. It is ideal for anti-aging benefits along with skin lightening or skin brightening.

EcoCertified natural emulsifier made up of two ingredients, Cetearyl Olivate & Sorbitan Olivate. Both of these ingredients rank a "0" on the EWG's Skin Deep website, which is the best ranking an ingredient can get. Oliv-Emulse penetrates quickly and exhibits a very high moisturizing effect combined with a deliciously smooth skin feel and elegant texture. It is also great for those with sensitive skin.

Organic Shea Butter strengthens your skin by stimulating the production of collagen, it helps make your skin more supple, more alive, nourished and radiant. If you have wrinkles and fine lines or if your skin is dry, damaged or devitalized, Shea butter will bring your skin back into life and beauty. 

Organic Macadamia Nut Oil has regenerative effects promoting softer and younger looking skin. It aids the skin in regaining elasticity in situations where it has been lost and not only is it an ideal moisturizer, it also helps to prevent sunburn by helping the skin retain its moisture.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil has been found to regenerate tissue and eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, scars, sun damage and stretch marks.  The essential fatty acids it contains when absorbed through the skin, convert to prostaglandins which assist in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration. 

Rose Extract comes from the Rose Otto (Rosa damascene). It is extracted from the petals of rose flowers and contains over three hundred different compounds which not only help with premature aging, but also benefit skin in many other ways; anti-inflammatory, great for sensitive skin, treats redness and irritation, contains high amounts of Vitamin C, known to aid skins natural sun protection, promotion of good skin tone as well as improvement of skins elasticity. 

Organic Argan oil is one of the world's most rare and potent beauty serums, it is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

Leucidal Complete: A Natural preservative approved by ECOCERT. This preservative is based on a cabbage fermentation from leuconostoc kimchii which has been combined with fermented Cocos nucifera (Coconut) and Lactobacillus to create broad-spectrum protection.

Plankton Extract is capable of suspending cells in a semi-permanent, drawn out stage of rest which slows cellular aging creating youthful looking skin, aids in moisture retention and has wonderful anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin E oil (Non-GMO) from Sunflower oil in Organic Olive oil: Besides being a great antioxidant it has a protecting action against UV radiation, it is an excellent moisturizer, contains powerful anti-inflammatory action which can prevent the signs of premature aging.  Vitamin E also has excellent wound healing properties.

Organic Carrot Oil stimulates skin cells growth and renewal and maintains the elasticity of skin, helping it stay soft, smooth and young looking.  It also has considerable skin repairing abilities and is known to soothe and prevent irritations, as well as to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin.

Organic Beeswax is known to lock in moisture, foster cells, and protect skin from damaging environmental factors. Beeswax effectively softens skin and creates a long-lasting protective coating against the elements. It also is a naturally nourishing moisturizer. Beeswax's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and germicidal antioxidant properties make it beneficial for wound healing.

Plant Based Silk Amino Acids balance moisture and promote suppleness and elasticity. They help minimize wrinkles and can reduce the signs of aging by renewing old and damaged skin cells. They effectively help sun-damaged skin, reduce puffiness and acne and minimizes sagging and drooping of the skin.

Silver Citrate: Our second natural preservative used for your protection. Silver Citrate is a water-soluble natural antimicrobial preservative. Its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity works by penetrating and destroying the cellular walls that make up bacteria.

Essential Oils of Frankincense & Rose Otto are both healing & regenerative.