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Our renewing natural facial toners are made from organic hydrosols and natural extracts. From our supplier: "Typically distillates are the bi-product of the essential oil business. They are often produced overseas and shipped to the U.S. in drums by cargo boat, then stored until ordered. We, however, steam our hydrosols in-house on our custom-built equipment. Because we are the direct manufacture, we have a unique production system that allows us to produce hydrosol waters daily."

A quick update, our supplier is no longer producing organic rose hydrosol, so we had to look for a new source. This is another ingredient which is very hard to source right now, but we did find a supplier of rose hydrosol, unfortunately it is not organic. While we continue to seek an organic supplier, our current hydrosol is a beautiful option with the same amazing benefits for skin.

From another producer of hydrosols: "A hydrosol is the aromatic water remaining after producing an essential oil via steam distillation. Steam distillation results in two complementary products - the essential oil and the hydrosol. When the plant material is brewed with water in the cooker, steam fills the pot, and as it rises, causing the plant's glands to release its oils and essence into the steam. The aromatic water that was steamed with the original plant material is referred to as a "hydrosol", which is like a much less concentrated essential oil. During this distillation process, the plant matter actually imparts the hydrosol with the water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant. They contain the essence of the plant in every drop, just like essential oils, but in a milder form." 

Hydrosols make fabulous ingredients for facial toners. Why? When you wash your face with cold process soap (which is slightly alkaline) and following up with a hydrosol toner (which is slightly acidic) it gently helps rebalance the pH of the skin. Your skin's acid mantle is what keeps in moisture and blocks out toxins from the environment, so this is an important step in your skin care regimen. To these hydrosols we've added some amazing natural extracts which boost the skins ability to regenerate through enzyme and antioxidant activity.

Calming Toner - Organic Neroli (orange blossom) hydrosol, Purified Water (Aqua), Papaya (Carica papaya) fruit extract, Mango (Manifera indica) fruit extract, Radish root (Leuconostoc) ferment.
This faintly sweet, floral, and citrusy toner is great if you have oily/combination skin. Neroli hydrosol contains alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate the skin, and is anti-inflammatory so helps soothe and calm skin inflammation like acne, eczema etc. It is also antibacterial, which is another reason it's great for treating acne, plus is highly astringent, as well as rich in vitamin C. The combination of the Papaya and Mango extracts increase enzyme activity and are attributed with soothing skin irritations and exfoliating dead cells. Papaya contains arginine, which is an amino acid that smoothes skin and aids in cell regeneration and Papain possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Restorative Toner Organic Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) hydrosol*^, Glycerin, Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) petal cell extract, Radish root (Leuconostoc) ferment.
This very hydrating toner nourishes skin health and helps restore skin's radiance, beauty and youthfulness. Rose hydrosol* helps to balance the skin as it regulates sebum production, has antibacterial properties, helps heal sunburn and improves circulation. It is also a mild astringent, and attracts moisture making it very helpful for all skin types. With it's light floral scent and vast number of therapeutic applications, this hydrosol from organic roses rejuvenates, hydrates, softens, and if used over time, can help reduce facial lines and wrinkles. Suzanne Catty, author of Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, states that rose has an affinity with the heart and the emotional spheres of the mind, body, and spirit. It is known to promote emotional balance and a sense of well-being. 
Rose extract also comes from the Rose Otto (Rosa damascene). It is extracted from the petals of rose flowers and contains over three hundred different compounds which not only help with premature aging, but also benefit skin in many other ways; anti-inflammatory, great for sensitive skin, treats redness and irritation, contains high amounts of Vitamin C, known to aid skins natural sun protection, promotion of good skin tone as well as improvement of skins elasticity. Plus let's not forget about the wonderful aroma which is a known as a mood enhancer.

*Rose Hydrosol is often referred to as Rosewater or Rose Floral Water but is actually a different product. Where Rose Hydrosol is the distillation of rose essential oil made with fresh-picked fresh rose petals and contains the essence of the plant in every drop. A flower water or rosewater, by contrast, is water that has been scented using essential oils. In addition, rose water will typically have additives that rose hydrosol will not.

^For this current batch of toners we were unable to find an organic rose hydrosol as our previous supplier no longer has it available and it is currently hard to find. We were however able to find a rose hydrosol created from roses grown conventionally.
Some recent good news is that we are now in the process of acquiring an organic rose hydrosol, so will switch to that as soon as we have it in house. 

To use - After gently cleansing skin morning and evening, mist evenly onto the face, neck and décolletage and allow to dry. For mature or dry skin use the Restorative Toner and follow with our Moisture Rich Face Cream or Intensive Renewal Night Cream or facial oil like our Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. For combination or oily skin, use the Calming Toner and follow with our Naturally Clear Face Lotion. The moisturizer/oil will lock in the toner, leaving your skin soft and glowing.

Our toners now come in Eco-friendly glass bottles and are Net Wt. 4 fl oz (114 ml)

We also have sample sizes of our natural toners, so give one a try HERE and see why we love them!