Natural Pet Shampoo Bar

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Product Overview

Our Natural Pet Shampoo bar uses only the finest natural ingredients of which over 90% are certified organic. Gentle, safe and effective, this bar is perfect for frequent use and may help restore health to both skin and coat. As with all our other shampoo bars, this natural and organic pet shampoo bar is Eco-friendly and compostable.

Our long lasting round organic pet soap is now larger in size at 4.7 oz* and is free from artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetics, and may help restore your pets sensitive or allergy-prone skin to health. Your smallest 4 legged friend will love you all the more for using this safe & effective shampoo, plus you will love the sudsy lather which is effective in washing out all the grime from your dirt loving, mud rolling canine to equine. If you're looking for natural dog shampoo, organic cat shampoo, or natural horse shampoo, you'll love our pet shampoo bars.

In the creation of this bar, we have added specific oils, butters and essential oils** which are safe for animals and will help both with skin and coat health, as well as keeping little unwanted pests away. As with all shampoo bars, this natural pet shampoo bar needs to be used with soft water for a thick sudsy effective bathing experience.

A little about some of the ingredients we've chosen for this bar:
• Olive oil is a good dermal regenerator for your pets dry skin, its antioxidant effect helps nourish the cells and revitalize the epidermis.
• Coconut adds moisture to your pet's skin and prevents flaking. It has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which mean that is will reduce fungus and yeast when used topically.
• Castor oil not only provides a thick fluffy lather, but is effective for soothing and treating skin problems, for repelling fleas in ticks when in combination with essential oils, and for treating tumorous growths or cysts.
• Shea butter moisturizes dry, itchy skin and adds luster and shine to the coat.
• Colloidal oats act as an anti-inflammatory treatment to calm your pets skin irritations.
• Essential oils of lemongrass, frankincense & cedarwood have a multitude of benefits some of which include soothing abilities and calming effects on the nervous system, treating and repelling common pests like fleas and ticks, plus properties which have antiseptic actions that can heal the skin.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, castor, organic & sustainable palm, organic shea, organic colloidal oats, essential oils of organic lemongrass, frankincense & cedarwood.

  • Gentle, Plastic-Free Shampoo
  • No SLS, Synthetics, Artificial Ingredients, Parabens, Or Harsh, Stripping Ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free & Made In The USA
  • One Bar Replaces 2+ Bottles of Regular Shampoo

If you've never used a solid shampoo bar you may wonder "how do I do that?" It's easy. Just get your pet's hair wet, take the bar and gently rub it all over until you start to see a nice lather. Put the bar down and work it into a wonderful lather, using the soap bar again if you need more suds. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

** Please be aware that there are some essential oils which can be harmful to animals when applied directly to the skin, inhaled or ingested. We have chosen to use essential oils which are not only safe when applied topically, but beneficial.

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