Choosing Your Bar


We often get asked to give specific recommendations of our products based on individual skin & hair care needs.  Because everyone’s skin & hair is so different, and each individual has unique issues to take into consideration (allergies, skin sensitivities, personal preferences, etc.), we can only make some general recommendations.  Please refer to the detailed descriptions of the various products on our website for more information.

That said, here are some general recommendations to consider:

  • Our Body soap bars are the most moisturizing.  If you are looking for an especially moisturizing, nourishing soap, then we recommend any of our body bars. These naturally moisturizing soap bars are great for body, hands, feet and faces. Please select an option that appeals most to you personally.  You know best what type of scents you enjoy! If you are looking for a multi-purpose bar (hair, body, hands, face...), then you'll want to check out our shampoo bars.

  • Our specialty Facial bars are created to nourish a variety of skin types. Much like our Body bars they contain increased moisturizing power, yet each bar is formulated to target certain needs for facial skin whether it be aging/dry, combination or acne prone skin.

  • Shampoo bars are a great place to start if you want one bar to cover many purposes. We have a wide variety to choose from for various hair types (see below for suggestions), and many people love using our conditioning shampoo bars for hair, body, face and hands. One bar can be all you need. Please remember that our natural Shampoo bars need soft water to be effective on hair, but they work great everywhere else no matter what water you have, find out more here. If you're not sure about your water, here's a great resource.

  • For babies or people with extra sensitive skin, we recommend our Calendula Castile bar (unscented), our Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Bean bar (unscented), our Lavender and Chamomile bar, unscented Virgin Coconut Bar, Lavender silk shampoo bar or our Lavender Castile bar.

  • Hard bars for washing hands that last a long time by a bathroom or kitchen sink? Any of our Salt Bars which are naturally antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal are a great choice for keeping hands clean where it's most needed. Our Salt bars are extremely large, so a half size may be a great option for smaller hands. Our Organic Coconut Bars are another great option for keeping hands clean with known anti-bacterial properties, they also provide a wonderful suddsy lather with several scents to choose from.

  • Exfoliating bars? Grapefruit Peppermint Luffa, Pink Himalayan Salt, Lime Spa Salt, Peppermint Patchouli Pumice, Kitchen Spice, Lavender Lemon Salt or Lavender Rosemary Salt.

  • Low Porosity Hair?  Hair that is not porous; it isn’t damaged. Low porosity hair doesn’t soak up moisture as much as higher porosity hair does, it typically just feels and looks more healthy due to the cuticle being less rough than a more porous hair type. However, low porosity can exist on any hair texture (straight/curly, fine/coarse). Find out more about hair porosity Here and some shampoo bar suggestions.

These bars listed for color suggestions are a great place to start, but are not your only options. Our shampoo bars will work for a wide variety of hair colors, so have fun finding your favorite!

Dark hair? Latte Brunette, Cafe Mocha (and many more).

Blonde hair? Coconut Milk and Citrus, Restore, Mango Citrus, Chamomile Orange Blossom, Lavender Silk (and many others).

Gray hair? Gray Hair bar (clever, huh?), Lavender Silk, Simply Shea, Hemp & Honey (and many others)

Red hair? Bella Rose, Chamomile and Orange Blossom (and more).