The Grey Hair Care Shampoo Bar

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Mature hair needs extra tender care, so we formulated a shampoo bar with rich conditioners, vitamins, and protecting oils. This shampoo bar has vitamin E-saturated wheat germ, avocado and jojoba oils, moisture packed unrefined organic cocoa butter, and is enriched with pro-vitamin B. Everything grey hair needs.  We've also added a warm herbal essential oil blend of clary sage, rosemary, lavender, patchouli, and frankincense all of which have benefits for gray hair. These specific essential oils have been shown to help darken hair* over time, prevent baldness, strengthen hair follicles, and are powerful antioxidants that fight off free radicals which in turn slows the graying process. 

Don't have grey hair? This bar is just plain awesome for anyone with dry, fragile hair, regardless of color. Lather up and LOVE.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut, organic sunflower, organic sustainable palm, castor bean, unrefined organic cocoa butter, wheat germ, avocado and organic jojoba, pro-vitamin B, vitamin E oil, rosemary oil extract, and essential oils of organic rosemary, lavender, clary sage, frankincense, and patchouli.

  • Gentle, Plastic-Free Shampoo
  • No SLS, Synthetics, Artificial Ingredients, Parabens, Or Harsh, Stripping Ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free & Made In The USA
  • One Bar Replaces 2+ Bottles of Regular Shampoo

The essential oils added to our Grey Hair Shampoo are known to help with scalp health and some may darken gray hair over time. However the results from consistent use with this shampoo is a brightening and revitalizing of gray hair (including new growth), not a darken of grey hair. If you specifically want darkening, the essential oils need to be exposed to hair for a longer period of time than with the normal shampooing process. However, when shampooing you can create and leave a sudsy lather on your head for longer (30+ minutes) before rinsing out, this allows the essential oils to penetrate deeper for enhanced benefit. For additional help with the darkening of grays in hair, try combining our Grey Hair bar with a scalp massage. Take a few drops of essential oils such as rosemary and clary sage, mix with a carrier oil (2-3 tsp) then massage into dry hair and scalp. This can be left on for an hour, or even overnight before being shampooed out with the Grey Hair Care Shampoo bar. This process gives a more concentrated application of essential oils known to help with the darkening of hair, and a longer period of time to infuse into the hair and scalp. The best way to find out how this bar may work for your hair is to read through the reviews on this page and see what other customers experience when using our Grey Hair Care Shampoo bar.

If you are placing an order with us and would like to try a "sliver" sample of this soap, please make a note of that when you check out and if we will do our best to accommodate.

If you've never used a solid shampoo bar in your hair, you may wonder "how do I do that?" It's easy. Just get your hair wet, take the bar and rub it all over your scalp and hair. Put the bar down and work it into a wonderful lather. You may find that the first time you use a shampoo/body bar in your hair it feels different. Using natural ingredients is not going to give you the same feeling chemically laden choices do because the natural oils are not being stripped away. In addition, your hair may require a transition process before it is fully free of all the other chemicals and residues from prior hair products. You can read more about this transition process HERE. 

All of our Shampoo, Body and Facial full sized bars are 5oz in weight, with dimensions of 2.75H x 3.4W x 1D.

Purchase sample sizes of our shampoo bars HERE.

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