Shampoo Bar Sampler Pack 2.0

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Another wonderful option for anyone who can't decide what shampoo bar to try. Containing some wonderful varieties of our Shampoo bars, have some fun with many choices and see which ones work the best with your hair.
These Shampoo Sample Packs are Eco-Friendly in every way, even the clear bag in which it is packaged, is made from plant material and certified compostable!

Love free products? Purchase this Shampoo Sampler Pack and get a FREE sample of one of our oil moisturizers. Simply click on 1 of the 2 offered Moisturizer Sample Selections before adding the Shampoo Sample Pack to your cart.

This Shampoo Sampler Pack contains 15 slices of our delectable shampoo bars which are either free from added scent, or contain only pure essential oils.
The packs also come with a card which lists each bar from top to bottom, plus a shampoo bar informational card which may be helpful for those new to shampoo bars.

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Here's what you'll get to try in this Shampoo Bar Sampler Pack 2.0:
Grapefruit Mint
Rosemary Mint
Jojoba Silk Conditioning (no added scent)
Latté Brunette
Lavender Silk
Hemp & Honey (no added scent)
Hemp & Honey 2.0
Mango Citrus
Masala Chai
MAN 2.0
Pink Lemonade
The Buck Bar
Simply Shea (no added scent)

Each slice weights approximately 1/3-1/2 ounce, and will enable you to enjoy at least three showers of delicious smelling, nourishing lather from your head to your toes.
Please see full size Shampoo Soap Bar listings for ingredients, descriptions and reviews, as well as GF, Vegan and Nut Free designations.

Remember that our 100% natural shampoo bars need soft water (read more about that HERE). Also, check out our Citric Acid Hair Rinses or our Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse - an important step when you are using natural shampoo bars (read more about that HERE).

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